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Our approach goes beyond traditional care, focusing on empowering individual potential and integrating physical and mental well-being. With over a decade of experience and 13+ locations, we leverage cutting-edge technology for personalized, accessible care.

Experience healthcare redefined with us, where your journey to comprehensive, same-day care begins. Read Why Choose Nao* to understand how Nao Medical drives Transparency And Value while providing High Quality, Tech driven Total Care.

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Founded in 2009, Nao Medical stands as a leading provider of comprehensive medical services in the New York Metro area. With its commitment to patient-centric care, this 100% physician-owned practice has served nearly 2 million individuals, earning over 200,000 five-star reviews for its excellence in healthcare.


Range of Services

Nao Medical offers an extensive array of healthcare services. This includes proactive health management options like wellness check-ups and cervical cancer screenings, as well as urgent care, routine walk-ins, occupational health, routine gynecological services, primary care, mental health, immigration physicals, dietary and nutrition services, and COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. Accommodating busy schedules, Nao Medical provides flexible appointment times, available during evenings and weekends, and accepts most major insurance plans.

Unique Approach and Values

100% Woman-Physician Ownership:

Nao Medical takes pride in being completely owned by women physicians, ensuring a healthcare environment that is deeply attuned to the unique healthcare needs of women.

Commitment to Equality and Sustainability:

The leadership at Nao Medical is dedicated to principles of equal pay, environmental sustainability, and establishing community-centric locations equipped with multilingual resources.

Innovation and Excellence:

Emphasizing transparency and value, Nao Medical leverages technology and innovation to achieve high-quality healthcare standards. This commitment is reflected in their top performance in quality measures such as NCQA, NQF, and MIPS.

The Nao Medical Difference

Nao Medical extends an invitation for you to experience a healthcare journey that blends advanced technology with a personal touch. With a focus on providing care that is respectful and deeply considerate of each patient, Nao Medical redefines what it means to receive modern, empathetic healthcare.

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