Dr. Sandeep Jain, MD

Dr. Sandeep Jain

Hailing from Old Bombay, India, Dr. Sandeep Jain’s ambition to be the first physician in his family was evident from an early age. Supported generously by Mr. Jitendra Doshi, Dr. Jain’s educational journey led him to the top of his class at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad. His academic success was a stepping stone to a distinguished medical career.


 Dr. Jain’s medical journey took him to significant roles, including Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and faculty positions at New York Medical College and Metropolitan Hospital in East Harlem. His commitment to community health was further demonstrated through his co-founding of a multi-physician primary care practice in Brownsville, East New York, where he served as a dedicated hospitalist.

A proponent of technological innovation in healthcare, Dr. Jain co-founded SOWSIA Healthcare Solutions, a groundbreaking SaaS EHR venture that aimed to revolutionize hospital EHR systems. Theirs was one of only two solutions certified by CCHIT, the federal agency responsible for interoperability of healthcare technology. Although it faced funding challenges, it underscored his dedication to improving healthcare through technology.


In 2001, Dr. Jain led a successful movement against unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles within a city hospital, advocating for improved physician working conditions. He extended this dedication to his own practice, pioneering the use of scribes in 2005 to maximize patient interaction and minimize screen time. His belief in the transformative power of technology led him to join his wife’s venture, Nao Medical, where he has been instrumental in redefining patient experiences. He envisions a healthcare system that leverages technology and creativity to break down barriers and ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all.


Dr. Jain’s influence transcends the walls of Nao Medical. A true champion of patient education and open communication, he was among the first to embrace YouTube, creating informative videos and fostering direct engagement with viewers. His insightful blog and frequent media appearances, including impactful interviews during the pandemic, have solidified his position as a trusted voice within the healthcare community.


Dr. Jain’s impact extends far beyond the medical realm. He actively supports his community, exemplified by his key role in vaccinating vulnerable populations during the pandemic. His commitment to inclusivity and cultural understanding shines through his leadership, alongside Dr. Priti Jain, in advocating for the recognition of Diwali and Eid holidays in local schools. Their efforts made their district the second in Long Island to acknowledge these important celebrations, creating a more inclusive environment for all.


Dr. Jain’s intellectual curiosity extends beyond his medical expertise in nutrition, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. He is an avid reader, fluent in multiple languages, with a passion for nature and adventure travel. This thirst for knowledge extends to diverse subjects, including ancient Indian texts written in Sanskrit and the exploration of etymology of PIE languages and the fascinating evolution of their meanings over the millennia as well as their impact on translations of ancient Indian scriptures by contemporary Western translators. Dr. Jain actively translates poetry from other languages into English, and his profound interest encompasses history, evolutionary biology, psychology, philosophy, music, and art.


Recently, Dr. Jain’s self-discovery as neurodiverse has provided him with a deeper understanding of his unique strengths and experiences. This awareness has further fueled his passion for creating a more inclusive and supportive healthcare system that caters to the needs of all individuals.

Dr. Jain’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of innovation, continuous learning, and active citizenship. His passion for medicine burns fiercely, driven by an unwavering resolve to positively impact the lives of others. This commitment to “paying it forward” has planted seeds of positive change throughout his career.