Sandeep Jain, MD

Dr. Sandeep Jain

Hailing from Old Bombay, India, Dr. Sandeep Jain’s ambition to be the first physician in his family was evident from an early age. Supported generously by Mr. Jitendra Doshi, Dr. Jain’s educational journey led him to the top of his class at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad. His academic success was a stepping stone to a distinguished medical career.


Dr. Jain’s medical journey led him to prestigious roles, including Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and faculty positions at New York Medical College and Metropolitan Hospital in East Harlem. His commitment to community health is further evident in his co-founding of a multi-physician primary care practice at 1335 Linden Blvd; in Brownsville, East New York, while working as a dedicated hospitalist at Brookdale Hospital.


A proponent of technological innovation in healthcare, Dr. Jain co-founded SOWSIA Healthcare Solutions, a pioneering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) EHR company that aimed to revolutionize hospital electronic health record (EHR) systems. Notably, there was one of only two solutions certified by CCHIT, the federal agency for healthcare technology interoperability. Though it faced funding challenges, this venture underscores Dr. Jain’s dedication to improving healthcare through technology.


A self-described adventurer, Dr. Jain has lived a life filled with exciting challenges. In 2001, he became the first limited licensee to receive an extension on their New York State physician license. This breakthrough followed a resolution he lobbied for, which passed with the help of Mr. Steve Swanson at NYS DOH, various medical societies, and New York organizations. The resolution ultimately led to a House Resolution. Previously, New York State forced physicians without green cards to leave after a year, despite the critical need for healthcare providers in underserved Medicaid areas (MUAs) and Health


Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). In 2001, Dr. Jain led a successful movement against unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles within a city hospital. He also championed the cause of fair wages and improved working conditions for physicians at Metropolitan Hospital. These efforts, spearheaded by Dr. Jain through the Doctors Council, resulted in the first-ever negotiated contract with New York Medical College.


Dr. Jain’s efforts included leveraging the Community Board of the city hospital and engaging with Senator Clinton’s office, which, along with the pivotal support of Senator Clinton’s staffer Luz Mendez, led to the approval of his petition with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and eventually securing his green card after enduring a 14-year ordeal  on an H-1 visa.


He attributes his resolve to a sense of destiny to serve in New York, a sentiment that was reinforced during many a challenging time. His grit and unflinching faith in his fate led him to continue his work in Brownsville, East New York, at a time when The New York Times ran a front page article about how the dozen or so blocks around Saratoga Ave; Brooklyn were the most crime-ridden in all of the United States. Despite the rough neighborhood, which some called a “hell-hole,” Dr. Jain remained steadfast in his commitment to the community of Brownsville.  He likened the situation to his experiences in India – patients with neglected health concerns and a general lack of access to high quality care.  For Dr. Jain, however, these circumstances weren’t daunting, but a call to action.  He found deep fulfillment in tackling these challenges and providing much-needed medical care. A patient of the practice was found shot in his car outside the practice, his brains splattered across the windshield, and someone cautioned Dr. Jain could be next. He replied with equal intensity that if his time has come, not even the thousand doctors in the hospital could save him. And if his time has not come, the entire world will continue to have to deal with him. Dr. Jain feels he was fated to be in New York and his life’s purpose is to serve others.


Driven by a belief in technology’s transformative power and a desire for an uncompromised vision, Dr. Jain joined his wife’s venture, Nao Medical. There, for the past 14 years, he has been instrumental in reshaping patient experiences. His dedication extends to pioneering the use of scribes in 2005, maximizing patient interaction and minimizing screen time.


Dr. Jain’s influence transcends the walls of Nao Medical. A true champion of patient education and open communication, he was among the first to embrace YouTube, creating informative videos and fostering direct engagement with viewers. His insightful blog and frequent media appearances, including impactful interviews during the pandemic, have solidified his position as a trusted voice within the healthcare community.


Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Jain and his wife, Priti’s commitment to serving New Yorkers was unwavering, evidenced by their determination to continue working at the forefront amidst the absence of a cure or vaccine. Both Dr. Jain’s and their staff stayed in the trenches and took care of New Yorkers, one person at a time. It was “very, very exhausting and we all suffer from PTSD as a result of what we all went through”, he says, “and yes, no one in the public remembers our staff’s sacrifices, and maybe that’s for the best, why remember nasty things? We’re just thankful that the few of us who got really sick made it out alive and we didn’t lose a single staff member to COVID-19. Is that not a miracle when we were in the heart of it all – in the Elmhurst area – the epicenter of death and destruction in NY when a 1000 people were dying from it every day? We are here nao. For a reason. When 5 million people are not. So, we must all continue our work.”


Dr. Jain feels humans, including himself; are fallible and cannot be expected to remember all of the medical breakthroughs or application of clinically proven interventions from scientific data of clinical trials to a patient’s care in a clinic where the patient’s immediate needs drive care for that appointment.  Dr. Jain feels very strongly that the current health system is flawed and asks, “Why is it that a doctor’s office only remembers the patient when the patient shows up at the door?” A well designed piece of technology however will not only always be on its ‘A-game,’ but will also always remember, recall, remind and execute all of the events needed to help every single patient meet their health goals. It is his firm opinion that with Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, this digital health transformation has finally become a possibility.


Dr. Jain’s life’s goal has been to leverage innovations and breakthroughs in technology to drive the quality of medical care. He says, “it takes a village to take care of one patient in the healthcare system of today. It’s never just the doctor. It’s everyone on their staff, calling pharmacies, getting approvals, coordinating care, reminding patients, etc.” And even then there are breakdowns in communications and failures in identifying and preventing health issues. He says, “The whole system is created around illness, whereas humans need to be freed of this burden so that they can enjoy life instead of running around from office to office trying to get great care”


Dr. Jain underscores the inevitability and consistent human error in healthcare highlighted by the Institute of Medicine, advocating for the integration of technology to enhance patient care reliability, consistency and most of all safety. He points to a Department of Health and Human Services report that Medicare patients experienced harm in 27% of their hospital stays, half of which were preventable. These harms included medication errors, surgical errors, healthcare-acquired infections, and other types of adverse events. In fact, medication errors are among the most common healthcare mistakes, affecting at least 1.5 million people every year, according to the Institute of Medicine, occurring in nearly 5% of all administered doses in a typical hospital setting or one medication error per patient per day. Dr. Jain vividly recalls sitting on committees and listening to these errors happening almost on a weekly basis.


nao-medical care plans leverage sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to analyze individual health data (medical history, lifestyle, and unique background). This comprehensive analysis allows for the creation of personalized care plans that identify potential health risks and preventative measures. By harnessing data science, health informatics, and AI, nao-medical care provides cutting-edge insights for customized patient care. The integration of Machine Learning with Natural Language Processing (NLP) within nao-medical care fosters improved communication between patients and healthcare providers. The rapid analysis of vast data sets empowers clinical decision support, leading to heightened diagnostic accuracy, efficient treatment plans, and advancements in screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

Nao Medical is leading the charge towards a more personalized, efficient, and patient-centric model. nao-medical care is the future of healthcare; a transformative experience that extends beyond traditional medical visits, setting a new standard for Personalized Healthcare.

Integrating the decades of experience in different health care settings, Dr. Jain and his wife have combined their knowledge of medicine with machine learning beyond algorithms to create AI-driven specific health insights that patients find beneficial enough to engage with in their healthcare journey, illustrating the practical application of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, far beyond their routine doctors visits. The Virtual PCP visits at Nao Medical serves as a roadmap for eventually integrating Telehealth and AI. 


Dr. Jain’s commitment to innovation aims to usher in a future where healthcare is universally accessible, outcomes are dramatically improved, and medical errors are significantly reduced. Through his relentless pursuit of excellence and compassion, Dr. Jain aims to redefine healthcare, ensuring that every patient benefits from the safest, most effective, and empathetic medical care possible by a team of specialist AI’s who coordinate and collaborate on the care of the patient, at every single visit, even when patients are home. In this future, each patient’s journey will be precisely optimized through insights into anticipatory issues so health issues can be addressed before they escalate, providing patients with a fantastic quality of life and freedom from having to come to a doctors office.


Dr. Jain’s impact extends far beyond the medical realm. He actively supports his community, exemplified by his key role in vaccinating vulnerable populations during the pandemic. His commitment to inclusivity and cultural understanding shines through his leadership, alongside Dr. Priti Jain, in advocating for the recognition of Diwali and Eid holidays in local schools. Their efforts made their district the second in Long Island to acknowledge these important celebrations, creating a more inclusive environment for all.


Dr. Jain’s intellectual curiosity extends beyond his medical expertise in nutrition, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. He is an avid reader, fluent in multiple languages, with a passion for nature and adventure travel. This thirst for knowledge extends to diverse subjects – he has leveraged network analysis in data science to analyze ancient Indian texts written in Sanskrit and the explored the etymology of PIE languages and the fascinating evolution of their meanings over the millennia as well as their impact on translations of ancient Indian scriptures by contemporary Western translators. Dr. Jain actively translates poetry from other languages into English, and his profound interest encompasses history, evolutionary biology, psychology, philosophy, music, and art.


Recently, Dr. Jain’s self-discovery as neurodiverse has provided him with a deeper understanding of his unique strengths and experiences, be it speed reading or identifying what’s missing in patterns. This awareness has further fueled his passion for creating a more inclusive and supportive healthcare system using AI and machine learning, that caters to the needs of all individuals.


Dr. Jain’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of innovation, continuous learning, and active citizenship. His passion for medicine burns fiercely, driven by an unwavering resolve to positively impact the lives of others. This commitment to “paying it forward” has planted seeds of positive change throughout his career.