Urgent Care Near Me in NYC And Long Island

Unexpected illness? Don’t pay more for urgent care near you. 

Nao Medical offers affordable, transparent, and high quality care in multiple convenient locations across the NY Metro Area. Skip the deductible Grinch with Nao Medical’s transparent pricing. Book your visit online now and pay up to 70% less than what you may get charged by other urgent care centers! Read below to learn more.

Our Competitive Edge: Transparent Prices at Nao Medical

Know Your Costs Before You Visit:

  • Self-pay visits: Just $175 for a complete visit.
  • With insurance: You’ll pay 30% to 70% less than the inflated charges typically billed by other urgent care centers.
  • Upfront pricing: No surprises. We clearly explain your costs before you receive care.

In New York State, many urgent care chains have inflated their prices, leaving unsuspecting consumers to foot the bill. 
Nao Medical stands out by offering affordable urgent care without compromising quality. We accept all insurances, ensuring you don’t face unexpected costs. Here is a comparison table that shows how much you can save compared to Big Box Pharmacy- Hospital-Affiliated urgent care centers:


Insurance Provider Typical Insurance Approved Charge That Will Pass Through To Your Deductible for using Pharmacy/Hospital Affiliated Urgent Care/Family Care Franchises Nao Medical Cost You Save
United Healthcare $260 + Procedure codes ~$110 $85+
Blue Cross Blue Shield ~$220 to $280 by plan ~$180 $45 to $100
Aetna ~$200 $150 $50+
Empire NYS Plan $135-140 baseline + CPT codes Medicare Fee Schedule $105+
Cigna $260 baseline + CPT codes $150 $115+
HealthFirst $175 $125 $50
GHI $175 $125 $50
Emblem $175 $125 $50
Fidelis 105% of Medicare Fee ~85% of Medicare Fee  $50+
UHC Community Plan $140 ~85% of Medicare Fee $75+

High Quality Personalized Care For You And Your Family:

At Nao Medical, we believe everyone deserves high quality care that customers like you can see. We post our National Quality Forum (NQF), National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) from Medicare & Medicaid.


Our dedication to high quality care is reflected in our outstanding performance in the Medicare Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) particularly in areas such as blood pressure control and diabetes management.


Click here to check out our Healthcare Scorecard.

Convenient Locations Across NY Metro Area

Urgent care is all about convenience, and with multiple locations in the NY Metro Area, you’re never far from a Nao Medical center. We serve various neighborhoods including Astoria, Crown Heights, Jackson Heights, Williamsburg, and more. There’s always a Nao Medical center near you. 


Experience the difference Nao*

Affordable Urgent Care with Nao Medical: Quality Healthcare in Your Neighborhood

Find Nao Medical in Astoria, Crown Heights, Jackson Heights, Williamsburg. Avoid high costs of typical urgent cares, often 30% to 70% more expensive, with our lower rates. Search ‘Urgent Care Near Me’ for budget-friendly, quality care at Nao Medical.

Urgent Care Near Me, Brooklyn

When you’re in need of immediate medical assistance, knowing there’s reliable urgent care nearby can bring immense peace of mind. At Nao Medical, we’re not just another urgent care facility; we’re your neighborhood health partner. Whether you’re facing a minor emergency or need quick medical attention, our local urgent care services in NYC and Long Island are here to provide you with the care you need, right when you need it.

341 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11216

308 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

Urgent Care Near Me, Queens

In times of health crises, swift and accessible emergency care nearby is crucial. Nao Medical centers, located conveniently in your community, stand ready to offer top-notch medical services. From Astoria to Williamsburg, and across the vibrant neighborhoods of Long Island, our urgent medical care facilities are equipped to handle a variety of health concerns, ensuring you don’t have to travel far for quality healthcare.

30-07 36th Ave. Queens, NY 11106

37-15 23rd Ave Astoria, NY 11105

80-10 Northern Boulevard Jackson Heights, NY 11372

90-18 Sutphin Blvd Jamaica, NY 11435

100-22 37th Avenue Corona, NY 11368

Urgent Care Near Me, Manhattan

Looking for immediate medical attention in NYC? Nao Medical is your go-to solution. We understand that when health concerns arise, quick access to an urgent care clinic near you can make all the difference. Our centers across the NY Metro Area are strategically placed to ensure that, no matter where you are, you can easily find ‘urgent care near me’ and receive prompt, compassionate care.

259 1st Ave New York, NY 10003

Urgent Care Near Me, Bronx

Health emergencies don’t wait, and neither should you when seeking care. Our emergency care services near you are designed to address your urgent health needs promptly and efficiently. With multiple locations across New York, including Long Island, Nao Medical ensures that high-quality, immediate healthcare is always within your reach.

932 East 174th Street Bronx, NY 10460

2063A Bartow Avenue Bronx, NY 10475

421 Hunts Point Ave Bronx, NY 10474

Urgent Care Near Me, Nassau County, Long Island

Nao Medical prides itself on being more than just an urgent care provider; we are your partners in health, conveniently located across NYC and Long Island. Our team is dedicated to delivering immediate medical care in a compassionate, patient-focused environment. Whether you’re in Brooklyn, Queens, or any part of the NY Metro Area, our doors are open for all your urgent healthcare needs.

232 W. Old Country Road Hicksville, NY 11801

135 Mineola Blvd Mineola, NY 11501, USA

1908 Grand Ave Baldwin, NY 11510

Urgent Care Near Me, Suffolk County, Long Island

Seeking immediate healthcare solutions can often be stressful, but with Nao Medical’s neighborhood urgent care facilities spread across NYC and Long Island, quality care is just a stone’s throw away. Our centers are perfectly positioned to offer efficient and compassionate emergency medical services. Whether it’s a sudden illness or a minor injury, our ‘urgent care near me’ promise means you have access to prompt and reliable medical attention, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones in times of need.

1472 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, NY 11706

Urgent Care Near Me: Avoid the Deductible Grinch This Holiday Season

Are you wondering why urgent care costs can be surprisingly high? This is often due to the significant influence of big-box and hospital-affiliated urgent care centers. Their extensive networks and lobbying efforts enable them to:


  1. Negotiate Higher Rates: They often secure higher reimbursement rates with insurance companies.
  2. Lobby for Favorable Policies: These centers push for legislation that allows passing additional costs to your deductible, often without benefiting the consumer.
  3. Influence Medical Practice: This power can lead to unnecessary referrals and over-testing, increasing healthcare costs.

See for yourself how much you can save on a visit a nearby Nao Medical Urgent Care compared to Big Box Pharmacy- Hospital-Affiliated or Franchise-owned urgent care center:

Insurance Provider

Typical Insurance Approved Charge That WIll Pass Through To Your Deductible

Nao Medical Cost

You Save

United Healthcare

$260 + Procedure codes



Blue Cross Blue Shield

~$220 to $280 by plan


$45 to $100





Empire NYS Plan

$135-140 baseline + CPT codes

Medicare Fee Schedule



$260 baseline + CPT codes
















105% of Medicare Fee

~85% of Medicare Fee 


UHC Community Plan


~85% of Medicare Fee


Passing the Buck to Consumers

The impact of these practices is directly felt by you, especially when searching for “Urgent Care Near Me.” Here’s how:


Higher Deductibles: These inflated costs contribute to higher insurance deductibles, leaving you with a greater financial burden.

Balance Billing: Often, you’re faced with unexpected and hefty bills due to balance billing for services.


The Hospital-Big Box Pharmacy Connection: A Conflict of Interest

Many hospital systems operate urgent care centers, leading to a conflict of interest. These centers are incentivized to:


Refer Within Networks: Patients are often referred to specialists within the same hospital network, generating more revenue for the system.

Order Unnecessary Tests: These centers might also order tests that are not always medically necessary but profitable for the hospital’s labs.


Find Your Nearest Affordable Urgent Care

When you’re searching for “Urgent Care Near Me,” remember to consider these factors. Be aware of the potential for higher costs at hospital-affiliated or big-box urgent care centers. Choose an urgent care provider that offers transparency, fair pricing, and a focus on your health needs, not just their bottom line.