Walk in Clinic Near Me in NYC And Long Island

In the dynamic world of healthcare, finding a walk-in clinic that offers both transparency and value can be challenging. High costs and opaque billing practices often complicate your journey to receiving timely and quality care. At Nao Medical, we champion a different ethos – rooted in clarity, affordability, and an unwavering commitment to your well-being.

Unveiling the Cost Equation

At Nao Medical, transparency is paramount. Unlike traditional walk-in clinics, we offer clear and upfront pricing. With a fixed fee of $175 for all patients, regardless of insurance status, we ensure predictability and eliminate the stress of surprise bills or hidden fees. This approach allows you to make informed decisions about your healthcare spending.


Empowering Your Choices

Beyond just affordable pricing, Nao Medical provides a comprehensive suite of services. From immediate treatments like stitches and lab tests to preventive exams and mental health consultations, we cover a wide spectrum of healthcare needs. By choosing Nao Medical, you avoid the inconvenience of external referrals and enjoy integrated care at a single location.


Convenience at Your Doorstep

We understand the value of your time, especially when health concerns arise. That’s why our clinics are strategically located across the NY Metro Area for easy access. Experience the simplicity of walking in for immediate attention and walking out with the peace of mind that comes from receiving top-notch care.


Facing an Unexpected Illness in NYC and Long Island?

Choose affordability and transparency with Nao Medical. Our multiple convenient locations across the NY Metro Area offer quality care without the extra cost typical of walk-in clinics.

Prioritize Your Well-Being With Our Walk-in Clinics in Brooklyn

Experience swift and personalized healthcare at Nao Medical’s walk-in clinics, located in the heart of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights and Williamsburg. Our clinics are tailored to the fast-paced rhythm of your life, offering immediate medical attention for both urgent and routine health needs. We emphasize a holistic approach to care, encompassing everything from urgent treatments to preventive health check-ups, all under one roof.


We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and culturally sensitive environment, ensuring each visit is more than just a medical appointment—it’s a connection to a community that understands and values your individuality. Designed to minimize disruption, our services allow you to quickly address health concerns and return to your daily activities with minimal delay.


Choose Nao Medical for a seamless healthcare experience that honors your time and well-being. Walk in today and step back into the vibrant beat of Brooklyn life with confidence and ease.

Walk in Clinic Near Me, Brooklyn

Walk in Clinic in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

341 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11216

Walk in Clinic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

308 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

Walk-in care in Queens: Get seen fast in Corona, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Jamaica & LIC.

No appointments, just prompt, comprehensive healthcare. Urgent needs, check-ups, preventive care – all under one roof.


Culturally aware, diverse team. Feel understood, get back on track.


Nao Medical. Walk in, feel better, walk out stronger.

Walk in Clinic Near Me, Queens

Walk in Clinic in Corona, Queens

100-22 37th Avenue Corona, NY 11368

Walk in Clinic in Astoria, Queens

37-15 23rd Ave Astoria, NY 11105

Walk in Clinic in Jackson Heights, Queens

80-10 Northern Boulevard Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Walk in Clinic in Jamaica, Queens

90-18 Sutphin Blvd Jamaica, NY 11435

Walk in Clinic on 36th Ave., Long Island City

30-07 36th Ave. Queens, NY 11106

Get Premier Care at Walk-in Clinic in Manhattan: StuyTown

Welcome to Nao Medical’s Walk-in Clinic in StuyTown, Manhattan, where personalized and efficient healthcare meets the needs of a bustling city lifestyle. Our clinic is perfectly adapted to the dynamic pace of Manhattan, offering immediate medical attention for both urgent and routine health concerns all conveniently located under one roof.


At Nao Medical in StuyTown, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and culturally sensitive environment, ensuring that each visit transcends the ordinary medical appointment. It’s about connecting with a community that values your unique identity. Our clinic is designed to enable you to address health issues efficiently and resume your daily activities with minimal disruption.


Choose Nao Medical in StuyTown for a healthcare experience that respects your time and nurtures your well-being. Step in for a healthcare service that’s not only quick and comprehensive but also deeply understanding of the Manhattan vibe.

Walk in for care, walk out ready to take on the energy of Manhattan life.

Walk in Clinic Near Me, Manhattan

Walk in Clinic in StuyTown, East 15th Street

259 1st Ave New York, NY 10003

Immediate Care in Bronx: In Baychester, Co-op City, 174th Street and Hunts Point

Experience prompt, tailored healthcare at Nao Medical’s walk-in clinics in Hunts Point, Bartow Mall, and on 174th Street in the Bronx. Designed for your busy lifestyle, our clinics offer quick access to a wide range of services, from urgent care to preventive check-ups. We prioritize a holistic approach to healthcare, ensuring that every visit is more than just a treatment—it’s a step towards overall well-being.


Nao Medical’s clinics stand out for their commitment to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, making every interaction a meaningful connection. We streamline healthcare to fit seamlessly into your life, minimizing delays so you can swiftly return to your daily routine. Trust Nao Medical for a healthcare journey that’s efficient, comprehensive, and attuned to the unique pace of life in the Bronx.

Walk in Clinic Near Me, Bronx

Walk in Clinic in Hunts Point, Bronx

421 Hunts Point Ave Bronx, NY 10474

Walk in Clinic in Bartow Mall, Bronx

2063A Bartow Avenue Bronx, NY 10475

Walk in Clinic on 174th Street, Bronx

932 East 174th Street Bronx, NY 10460

Walk in Clinic Nassau County, Long Island: Hicksville, Mineola, Baldwin

Discover convenient healthcare at Nao Medical’s Walk-in Clinic in Nassau County, Long Island, serving Mineola, Hicksville and Baldwin. Nao Medical clinics offer immediate, efficient medical attention in a seamless healthcare experience that respects your time and well-being.


Our approach is holistic, encompassing everything from urgent treatments to routine preventive health check-ups, ensuring comprehensive care. Our clinics are designed for minimal disruption, allowing you to address health concerns swiftly and get back to your life in Mineola, Hicksville or Baldwin with ease. Each visit is more than just healthcare; it’s about connecting with a community that values your individuality. 


Choose Nao Medical’s Nassau County clinics where you can walk in for care and walk out empowered!

Walk in Clinic Near Me, Nassau County, Long Island

Walk in Clinic in Baldwin, NY

1908 Grand Ave Baldwin, NY 11510

Walk in Clinic in Mineola, NY

135 Mineola Blvd Mineola, NY 11501, USA

Walk in Clinic in Hicksville, NY

232 W. Old Country Road Hicksville, NY 11801

Walk in Clinic Near Me, Suffolk County, Long Island

Walk in Clinic in Bay Shore, NY

1472 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, NY 11706

Preserve Your Wallet and Well-being This Season

Avoid the high costs associated with traditional walk-in clinics. At Nao Medical, a complete visit costs only $175, regardless of your insurance – saving you up to 70% compared to other clinics’ inflated charges.



Regardless of the brand you recognize, complex MSO-arrangements and affiliations as well as contract allowances of hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance company-owned centers contribute to escalating healthcare costs. This occurs despite the presence of more affordable care options conveniently located in your neighborhood.


Pharmacy Chain

Brand of Walk-in Clinic




74 locations in NY

Northwell Health


Some Walgreens locations

Mount Sinai Doctors

Mount Sinai Doctors Urgent Care

Some CVS locations


Duane Reade

262 locations in NY

United Health Care

Optum Medical Care (was Pro Health)

200 locations in Metro NY area



134 locations in NY



18 locations in NY

Rite Aid

Rite Aid HealthClinic

44 locations in NY


Walmart Care Clinic

56 locations in NY


Below are just some of the charges you can expect to pay if you visit one of these Hospital or Pharmacy Affiliated walk-in clinics.



Insurance Provider

Typical Insurance Allowed Charge That WIll Pass Through To Your Deductible (“Balance Billing”)

Nao Medical Cost

You Save

United Healthcare

$260 + Procedure codes



Blue Cross Blue Shield

~$220 to $280 by plan


$45 to $100





Empire NYS Plan

$135-140 baseline + CPT codes

Medicare Fee Schedule



$260 baseline + CPT codes
















105% of Medicare Fee

~85% of Medicare Fee 


UHC Community Plan


~85% of Medicare Fee



Nao Medical’s Locations

Our walk-in clinics, from Astoria to Williamsburg, are situated right in your neighborhood. We guarantee no surprises, just consistent, high-quality care at affordable prices. When searching for “Walk-In Clinic Near Me,” choose Nao Medical for a seamless healthcare experience.



Why Nao Medical Stands Out

In New York State, the alignment of many walk-in clinics with large healthcare networks has led to inflated prices. Nao Medical, however, offers a transparent alternative. Our cost comparison clearly shows the savings you get with Nao Medical versus the typical charges of Pharmacy-Hospital affiliated clinics.



Understanding the High Costs of Traditional Clinics

Be cautious of clinics that frequently refer patients within their networks or order unnecessary tests for profit. Many hospital systems and big-box pharmacies operate walk-in clinics with a focus on their profits, often resulting in higher deductibles and balance billing for you.



Choose Nao Medical for Value-Driven Healthcare

In a landscape often dominated by profit motives, Nao Medical stands out for its patient-centric approach. We believe in the harmonious blend of quality and affordability. Book your visit online, or walk into one of our clinics today. Let Nao Medical be your guide in the walk-in clinic landscape, where your health is our top priority.


Prioritize Your Well-Being With Our Walk-in Clinics in Brooklyn