Nutrition Counseling

With Nao Medical’s nutritionist service you’ll receive personalized nutrition counseling done virtually to help you to meet your health or dietary goals. You’ll be guided with care through nutritional learning, accountability and support and we will identify your strengths and challenges and set attainable goals.

Easily book same or next-day appointments

Open seven days a week, 365 days a year

Certified provider who care about your needs

Accessible clinic locations to choose from

Nutrition counseling services

Nao Medical offers a one-on-one nutritional consultation with a registered dietitian based on your initial evaluation. This consultation includes personalized recommendations and the creation of a food plan and guidance to help you follow it. Our registered dietitians have specialized training in areas such as functional nutrition.

Stay Healthy Nao

Be proactive about your health and stay on top of important preventative appointments.

At Nao Medical we believe that everyone should have access to excellent healthcare. We aim to provide affordable, accessible healthcare for everyone, available right in your neighborhood.

Healthcare coordinator

A free personal medical coordinator to guide you through your healthcare journey that helps with everything from booking appointments to sending you upcoming appointment reminders, and more.

  • iconOffer guidance to help you navigate the healthcare landscape
  • iconProvide suggestions for healthcare visits that are tailored to your needs
  • iconBook your appointments
  • iconFollow up on lab results
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