Nao Medical: Healthcare for Everyone. No ifs, ands, or zip codes.

We believe healthcare should not be a luxury. It’s a right. That’s why we’re breaking down barriers and making quality care accessible to everyone, regardless of background, income, or where you live.


  • Instead of prioritizing convenience of foot traffic in commercial hubs, we strategically choose diverse, accessible locations, within residential neighborhoods to ensure everyone has the care they deserve, regardless of mobility, background or income.
  • We accept most major insurance plans, making care affordable.
  • We speak your language, literally. Translation services and multilingual staff are always available.
  • We respect your background and provide culturally sensitive care.

But we don’t stop there. We’re committed to:

  • Tracking disparities and closing the gap for equitable care.
  • Explore partnering opportunities with our community.
  • Being a reliable source of high quality health care.

At Nao Medical, we’re building a healthier community, one patient at a time. Join us!