Patient-Centric Care

In 2005, a chance encounter sparked a revolution in our patient care. From that serendipitous moment, Nao Medical became a pioneer in utilizing full-time scribes. This innovative approach wasn’t just about efficiency; it was about giving patients the attention and respect they deserve.


Our co-founder saw an opportunity: a young immigrant doctor seeking experience and a chance to prioritize patient interaction. This partnership wasn’t just a stepping stone for the aspiring doctor; it was a game-changer for our patients.


With scribes handling administrative tasks, our physicians were empowered to focus on what truly matters: listening to your concerns, understanding your needs, and delivering personalized care. This wasn’t just a vision; it became a reality. The first scribe, nurtured by Nao Medical’s innovative spirit, went on to become a successful physician, a testament to the power of our approach.


Today, that commitment to patient-centered care remains our guiding light. Every patient interaction is a priority. Our full-time scribes allow our physicians to dedicate their full attention to you, ensuring you feel heard, understood, and receive the highest quality care. At Nao Medical, innovation meets personalized care, creating a healthcare experience that truly puts you first.