15-Minute rapid COVID test: 5 Reasons why rapid is rational

Ever since Coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, found its way to the United States, diagnostic tests, like a polymerase chain reaction or PCR test, have proven to be quite effective. But it took up to a week to get definite test results.

Antibody tests were a bit faster, requiring only up to 3 days for results to be available. However, these tests detect only if a person has been infected in the past, not if an infection is currently active.

The government’s plan was to deploy 50 million tests to communities that are most vulnerable to COVID-19. In order to get more individuals tested at the quickest possible rate, people in the field of public health needed a COVID test that could generate a positive or negative test result fast.

A rapid antigen test soon became available for testing for COVID-19 in healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories that offer rapid COVID-19 testing. Using samples from a nasal swab, health professionals can acquire results in 15 minutes using a test strip. But is a rapid test too quick to be true?

Benefits of 15 Min Rapid Covid Test Near Me

The most common COVID-19 antigen test units used are the Sofia Quidel and the BD Veritor. Both have been given approval by the FDA under an emergency use authorization that allows qualified clinics and laboratories to use them for rapid COVID-19 testing.

Although some people are worried that a rapid COVID-19 antigen test can give false positive results, there are sound reasons why it remains a reliable option.

Fast, same-day results for travelers

People who need to travel, whether for business or pleasure, are required to undergo a COVID-19 test to make sure that it is safe for them to do so. A rapid antigen test is preferable because testees will know immediately if they are clear to leave or enter a country or not. In case they test positive, they would have ample time to manage travel and hotel reservations and itineraries. However many international airlines now require a PCR Covid test before flying. The PCR Test is the most accurate test but needs 48-72 hours to result.

Businesses can reopen and stay open

To restore the economy, commercial establishments are slowly being allowed to reopen. This entails a number of health protocols and policies that business owners need to enforce within their jurisdiction. This includes routine testing for COVID-19.

Employers and employees will benefit more from rapid tests because they are convenient. It would be easier for them to determine if they can be allowed to report for work and if an establishment is eligible to stay open to customers.

Keeps communities safe and updated

Everyone in the community must work together to be able to adapt to the “new normal”. The goal to reopen businesses, schools, and public services can be safely achieved with the help of 15-Min rapid Covid tests. By being able to test more people each day, local health professionals would be able to quickly determine and evaluate how widespread the infection is. 

Tracing and isolation can also be immediately done to contain symptomatic patients and protect those who are not infected.

Peace of mind

Imagine getting tested now and then having to wait a week before finding out if you are infected with Covid-19 or not. The stress and anxiety of not knowing immediately can affect a person’s emotional and mental health. Because a same-day Covid-19 test generates test results in one visit, you only have to endure 15 minutes of waiting before getting a confirmation.

This is also great for people who are already experiencing symptoms similar to that of Covid-19. A rapid test can help validate if they are indeed experiencing signs of the virus or of a different, milder condition.

Takes the guesswork out of gatherings

Several weddings, family reunions, business conferences, and local festivals have been put on hold because of the pandemic. Now that communities are slowly adapting to the current situation of the country, special events are also being allowed, but not without strict health protocols.

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