The new COVID-19 booster shot: Moderna & Pfizer

The new COVID-19 booster shot is effective in vaccination against the Omicron variant BA.4 and BA.5 spike proteins. This means that those who are eligible for booster shots are better protected against the strongest strains impacting the most people at this time. Booster shots are also effective in re-amplifying the protective effects of the initial vaccine that you received. 

Depending on which booster you are seeking, there are different age requirements involved. The Pfizer-BioTech COVID-19 vaccine booster has been approved for patients over the age of 12. The Moderna booster is available to individuals who are 18 years or older. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional about your vaccine booster options if you received either the Janssen or Novavax vaccines. 

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Who should get a COVID-19 booster?

There are various public health CDC recommendations for COVID-19 boosters, often determined by age. AARP for New York released information outlining information for each age group. According to AARP, these are the recommendations in New York at this time: 

  • Ages 5-11: According to the CDC, patients with the Pfizer vaccine are eligible for a monovalent booster five months after completing the initial doses of the vaccine. 
  • Ages 12 and up: Two months after getting the initial vaccination doses, this age group is eligible for Pfizer’s booster shot (omicron specific).
  • Ages 18 and up: Two months after getting the initial vaccination doses, this age group is eligible for Moderna’s booster shot (omicron specific). 

Not all individuals who may be eligible for a COVID-19 booster shot should necessarily receive one. For example, immunocompromised adults may be recommended to receive a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine that is different from the booster. Ask your healthcare provider if a third dose of the vaccine or if a booster shot is the right choice for you. 

Talk to a healthcare professional today to better understand your options. 

Understanding mixing COVID vaccines

The National Institutes of Health released information regarding mixing vaccines and booster shots that is optimistic. This includes the fact that mixing the vaccines may also result in an improved immune response. It also may add more variability to booster shots that you are eligible for. 

Ask your healthcare professional for advice before mixing any vaccines. Make your healthcare professional aware of all COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters that you have received in the past the time of your appointment. 

If you are over the age of 18 and received the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine, you are eligible to receive either the Moderna or Pfizer bivalent booster dose. The booster shot can be administered two months after the original Janssen vaccine. 

No matter which form of vaccine or booster you receive, there is a chance that you will experience mild to severe side effects. You may experience COVID-like symptoms of fatigue, fever, and more after receiving the shot. This is typically normal and should pass in a matter of days. If you have concerns about your COVID vaccine and booster side effects, please contact a healthcare professional.

The Moderna vaccine and booster shot

The Moderna brand vaccine and booster are used widely throughout the United States and the state of New York as a form of protection against COVID-19 for adults. Moderna is a safe means of vaccination and is recommended by the CDC specifically for adults. 

Currently, Moderna is operating under FDA emergency use authorization (EUA). The vaccine itself uses mRNA to map out a plan that helps your cells defend against the COVID-19 virus if you are exposed or infected. 

Before receiving the Moderna vaccine or booster please let your healthcare provider know about any of the following concerns: 

  • Severe allergies 
  • Immunocompromising conditions
  • Conditions causing thin blood 
  • Heart conditions
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • Received a different COVID vaccine initially 
  • And more 

Stay up to date about the risks and benefits of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine by visiting their website. Or visit the FDA fact sheets page for Moderna as another resource.

Get a COVID-19 booster shot in New York

COVID-19 booster shots should be accessible to all individuals regardless of insurance or citizenship status. In most cases, you should not be forced to pay, show ID, or provide insurance documentation to get a vaccine or booster shot. Check with your vaccination site ahead of time to see what they require to be seen for a shot. 

If you already have COVID-19 vaccination records (like a card) from your primary series doses, please bring this to your appointment for the updated COVID-19 boosters.

You may find vaccination clinics all throughout your neighborhood in facilities such as pharmacies, primary care practices, health clinics, and more. The federal government has compiled a database and website to make it easier to locate vaccine sites called

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