Real Stories: Life Before and After Spravato

As a healthcare company committed to leveraging innovative technology to keep our patients healthy, we recognize the importance of mental health in overall well-being. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, including mental health, to help our patients achieve total whole body and mind care.

One of the treatments we offer for depression is Spravato, a nasal spray that contains the active ingredient ketamine. Spravato is FDA-approved for treatment-resistant depression and has been shown to provide rapid relief from symptoms, leading to improved mood and function. But don’t take our word for it – hear from real patients who have experienced the life-changing effects of Spravato.

Before Spravato, Samantha had been struggling with depression for years. Despite trying various medications and therapy, she couldn’t seem to shake off the feelings of hopelessness and despair. “I felt like I was trapped in a dark hole with no way out,” she recalls.

But after just a few weeks of Spravato treatment, Samantha noticed a significant improvement in her mood and energy levels. “It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders,” she says. “I started to feel like myself again, and I could finally see a future for myself.”

Similarly, James had been battling depression for most of his life. He had tried several medications over the years, but none seemed to provide long-lasting relief. “I felt like I was constantly fighting an uphill battle,” he says.

However, after starting Spravato treatment at Nao Medical, James noticed a significant improvement in his symptoms. “For the first time in years, I felt like I could enjoy life again,” he says. “I was able to connect with my family and friends, and I felt like I had a purpose again.”

These are just a couple of examples of the transformative power of Spravato. At Nao Medical, we offer Spravato treatment under the supervision of our experienced healthcare providers, who will work with you to determine if it’s the right treatment option for you.

In addition to Spravato treatment, we offer a range of mental health services, including therapy, counseling, and support groups. We believe in a holistic approach to mental health care, which includes not just medical treatment, but also community support and resources.

If you’re struggling with depression or other mental health issues, don’t suffer in silence. Nao Medical is here to help. Book an appointment with us today to learn more about our mental health services and how we can support you on your journey towards recovery.

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