Everything You Need to Know About STDs in Men

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are common, but many men are reluctant to talk about them or get tested. This can be dangerous, as untreated STDs can lead to serious health problems. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common STDs in men, their symptoms, and how to get tested, treated, and prevent them.

What are the most common STDs in men?

There are many types of STDs, but some of the most common in men include:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Each of these STDs has its own symptoms and complications, so it’s important to understand the differences between them.

What are the symptoms of STDs in men?

The symptoms of STDs in men can vary depending on the type of infection. Some common symptoms include:

  • Pain or burning during urination
  • Unusual discharge from the penis
  • Pain or discomfort in the testicles
  • Sores, bumps, or rashes on the genitals or anus
  • Fever or flu-like symptoms

However, many men with STDs may not experience any symptoms at all, which is why getting tested is so important.

How can men get tested for STDs?

At Nao Medical, we offer affordable and accessible STD testing and treatment options in NYC. We provide a variety of testing options, including urine tests, blood tests, and swab tests. Our medical professionals can help you determine which test is right for you based on your symptoms and medical history.

How are STDs treated in men?

The treatment for STDs in men depends on the type of infection. Many STDs can be treated with antibiotics, antiviral medications, or other medications. It’s important to complete the full course of treatment, even if your symptoms go away, to make sure the infection is completely cured.

How can men prevent STDs?

Preventing STDs is key to staying healthy. Here are some ways men can reduce their risk of getting an STD:

  • Use condoms during sexual activity
  • Get tested regularly for STDs
  • Limit sexual partners
  • Avoid sharing needles or other drug equipment</li
  • Talk to your partner(s) about their sexual history and get tested together
  • Get vaccinated for HPV

It’s also important to remember that some STDs can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, so using condoms or other forms of protection during sexual activity may not always be enough to prevent transmission. Regular testing and communication with sexual partners is crucial to preventing the spread of STDs.

Why choose Nao Medical for STD testing and treatment?

At Nao Medical, we believe in affordable and accessible healthcare for all. We offer a range of services, including STD testing and treatment, mental health services, nutrition counseling, and women’s health services. Our clinics are designed with patient comfort and convenience in mind, with short wait times and tech-focused solutions to make accessing your health information as easy as possible. We also offer telemedicine and after-hours services so you can get the care you need, when you need it.


What should I do if I think I have an STD?

  • Contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible to get tested and treated.

How often should I get tested for STDs?

  • It’s recommended that sexually active individuals get tested for STDs at least once a year or more frequently if you have multiple partners or engage in high-risk behavior.

What if I don’t have symptoms?

  • Many STDs don’t have symptoms, so it’s important to get tested regularly even if you feel fine.

Can STDs be cured?

  • Many STDs can be cured with proper treatment, but some, like herpes and HIV, are lifelong infections that can be managed with medication.

What if I can’t afford STD testing and treatment?

  • At Nao Medical, we believe in making healthcare affordable and accessible for all. We offer low-cost options for STD testing and treatment, and accept most major insurance plans. We also offer financial assistance for those who qualify.

Don’t let STDs go untreated. At Nao Medical, we’re here to help you stay healthy and take control of your sexual health. Book an appointment with us today. With this blog post, we hope to provide men with a better understanding of STDs, their symptoms, and how to get tested, treated, and prevent them. At Nao Medical, we believe in providing affordable and accessible healthcare for all, including STD testing and treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about your sexual health, don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment today.

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