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As a Healthfirst member, you have access to a wide range of healthcare options, including urgent care. Urgent care centers provide convenient and affordable healthcare services for patients with non-life-threatening conditions. They offer a viable alternative to emergency rooms, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Why Choose Urgent Care?

Urgent care centers are staffed by experienced healthcare professionals who can provide immediate medical attention for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Minor cuts and burns
  • Sprains and strains
  • Fever and flu-like symptoms
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Minor infections
  • And more

Unlike emergency rooms, urgent care centers offer shorter wait times, and their fees are generally more affordable. They also offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Primary care services
  • Telemedicine
  • Preventive care
  • Mental health services
  • Nutrition services
  • Women’s health services

At Nao Medical, we are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. We believe that whole-body and mind care is essential to maintaining good health. Our team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to every patient.

The Importance of Choosing an In-Network Provider

As a Healthfirst member, it’s important to choose an in-network provider to get the most out of your healthcare benefits. In-network providers have agreements with your health plan to provide services at discounted rates. This means that you will pay less out-of-pocket for your healthcare services.

Choosing an in-network urgent care center like Nao Medical can help you save money and get the care you need when you need it. Our urgent care services are covered by Healthfirst, which means that you won’t have to worry about unexpected medical bills.

Experience the Benefits of Nao Medical’s Urgent Care Services

At Nao Medical, we are committed to providing affordable, convenient, and high-quality healthcare services to our patients. Our urgent care centers offer:

  • Shorter wait times
  • Lower fees compared to emergency rooms
  • Caring and compassionate staff
  • Beautifully designed clinics and patient experience
  • Tech-focused approach (allowing you to get access to all health records through our tech platform)
  • Strong telemedicine and after-hour service offerings so that patients can get care how and when they need it
  • Deep integration into our communities to service them in the most beneficial way

FAQs About Urgent Care In-Network with Healthfirst

Here are some common questions that patients may have about urgent care services in-network with Healthfirst:

1. Does Healthfirst cover urgent care services?

Yes, Healthfirst covers urgent care services. As a Healthfirst member, you can get the care you need without worrying about unexpected medical bills.

2. How much will I have to pay for urgent care services?

The cost of urgent care services varies depending on your health plan and the services you receive. However, choosing an in-network provider like Nao Medical can help you save money and get the care you need at a lower cost.

3. What should I do if I need urgent care services?

If you need urgent care services, you can visit one of Nao Medical’s urgent care centers. We offer convenient walk-in services, or you can book an appointment online. We also offer telemedicine services so that you can get care from the comfort of your own home.

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At Nao Medical, we are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. If you are a Healthfirst member looking for affordable and convenient healthcare options, consider choosing an in-network urgent care center like Nao Medical. Book your appointment today and experience the benefits of our urgent care services.

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