Find a Black Child Therapist Near You in NYC: Nao Medical Can Help

As a parent, you want the best for your child, including their mental health. Finding a therapist who understands your child’s unique experiences and cultural background can be challenging, but it’s essential for their well-being. At Nao Medical, we offer mental health services for children and adolescents, including therapy with black therapists.

Why Choose Nao Medical for Your Child’s Mental Health?

  • Same-day appointments
  • Minimal wait times
  • Exceptional and empathetic staff
  • Stunning clinic environments
  • Technologically driven approach with a comprehensive app
  • Extensive after-hours virtual care

Our approach extends beyond focusing solely on the immediate health issues patients present. We take the time to understand your child’s unique needs and provide personalized care to help them thrive.

What to Expect from Therapy with a Black Therapist

Black children and adolescents face unique challenges that can impact their mental health, including racism, discrimination, and microaggressions. Therapy with a black therapist can provide a safe space for your child to explore these experiences and develop coping strategies.

Our black therapists are trained to address a range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and behavioral issues. They use evidence-based techniques to help your child build resilience and improve their overall well-being.


What age range do you offer therapy for?

We offer therapy for children and adolescents aged 5-18.

How long are therapy sessions?

Therapy sessions typically last 45-60 minutes.

How often should my child attend therapy?

The frequency of therapy sessions will depend on your child’s individual needs and treatment plan. Your child’s therapist will work with you to determine the best schedule.

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Visit the CDC’s website for more information on children’s mental health.

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