What are sports physicals? Why do you need them?

Every participant in a school sports team must have a sports physical exam. These special types of physicals are made up of two parts:

  • A medical history
  • physical examination

Doctors use sports physicals to evaluate general health, current fitness level, risk of injury and physical well-being. This exam allows the doctor to identify conditions that might affect physical fitness and performance. 

Sports physicals are important. They can detect any potential health problems that may be missed during regular checkups with your doctor. Therefore, athletes should have a physical six weeks before the start of the season. However, this varies from school to school. This timing provides an opportunity to address an existing injury. It can also help your child improve their conditioning before the season.

Healthcare providers take a lot of factors into account when performing physicals. To ensure a successful physical, healthcare providers need to understand your child’s health background–including any hospitalizations or surgeries they may have experienced, past injuries sustained and allergies. Don’t forget to mention any family medical history too.

Even if your child has received a general physical, it is important to also receive a sports physical prior to participation in sports or physical activity. Sports physicals are more specific. They focus on the physical requirements needed to play a sport. These exams focus on the safety of playing sports for each player. 

If your child is involved in any kind of physical activity on an on-going basis, it is recommended they receive a sports physical annually.

What to bring to the exam?

  • Your child’s eye glasses, if they wear one.
  • Your child’s immunization records.

What to expect at a sports physical 

You might have to answer questions about the following. Therefore, prepare to answer beforehand. This will make your appointment go quicker.

  • Serious illnesses among other family members
  • Past illnesses, injuries, hospitalizations and surgeries
  • The names and doses of medications your child is on

Physical Exam

  • Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Vision check
  • Heart, lung, abdomen, ear, nose and throat examination
  • Posture, joints, strength and flexibility assessment

Dizziness, chest pain, and problems breathing can be serious. Therefore, make sure you inform the provider if your child has had these issues during exercise.

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Stay in the Game: Get Your Sports Physical Today and Play with Confidence Nao!