Urgent Care Locations & Insurance Deductible Charges

As consumers, we may be contributing to inflated healthcare costs without realizing it. Despite the availability of affordable options for urgent medical care, your health insurance company allows Big-Box Pharmacy-owned, Hospital-owned/affiliated, Insurance Company affiliated as well as National “Family Care” Franchisee owned urgent care centers to charge and collect these hefty per-visit amounts from your deductible:


  • These inflated rates often exceed two to three times the charges of independent urgent care centers, like Nao Medical. As a result, even if you have health insurance, you could still end up with a hefty pass-through bill.
  • United Healthcare:            $260
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield:     $220
  • Aetna:                                   $200
  • Empire NYS Plan:               $135 to $140
  • Cigna:                                    $260
  • GHI:                                       $175
  • Emblem:                               $175
  • Fidelis:                                   105% of Medicare rates
  • HealthFirst:                          $150
  • UHC Community Plan:     $140

We accept all insurances! No insurance? Visit fee just $175!

Don't Let the Deductible Grinch Steal Your Holiday Cheer!

How is this even allowed?

Big-box and Hospital-affiliated urgent care centers wield significant negotiating power due to their network, and lobbying efforts. This allows them to:

  •   Negotiate higher reimbursement rates with insurance companies.
  •   Lobby for favorable legislation, pushing for policies that allow pass through costs to your deductible without empowering consumers.
  •   Influence the way doctors practice medicine, potentially leading to unnecessary referrals and over-testing.

Passing the Buck:

These high charges often get passed to the consumer through:

  •   Higher deductibles that leave patients with greater financial burden.
  •   Balance billing for charges that leave patients with unexpected and hefty bills.

The Hospital Connection:

Many hospital systems own or operate urgent care centers. This creates a conflict of interest, as these centers are incentivized to:

  •   Refer patients to specialists within the hospital network to generate additional revenue for the hospital system.
  •   Order unnecessary tests performed in the hospital’s own labs, to increase revenue. 

Nao Medical: Your Transparent Choice for Affordable Urgent Care

At Nao Medical, we believe in healthcare transparency, ensuring you know exactly what you’ll pay for your care. Our commitment to affordable care means you’ll pay half as much as you would at urgent care centers owned by hospital chains or pharmacy chains.


In New York, if you visit an urgent care center owned by a Hospital System or Pharmacy Chain, it will likely cost you an out-of-pocket expense of $240 to $280 that you will need to pay from your deductible whereas Nao Medical’s visit charges are 30% to 70%  lower than Urgent Care owned by hospital chains, Big box pharmacy chains or National ‘Family Care’ Franchises.


Nao Medical uses sustainable, green and recyclable products in its offices. Even the vinyl floor in our newer offices is Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and constructed with 100% recycled materials. Nao Medical’s commitment includes advancing the sustainability of our business and limiting environmental impact in the choices we make every day. Nao Medical is committed to becoming a Net Zero Contributor.


Nao Medical (previously known as Statcare) is accredited by the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA).  Nao Medical is a 100% woman physician-owned and operated, local, community based urgent care. As a 100% physician-owned practice, Nao Medical is  committed to putting patients first.  Nao Medical, since 2009, has been a leading provider of  urgent and walk-in medical care in the New York Metro area, serving nearly 2 million individuals. With over 120,000 five-star reviews, Nao Medical is consistently recognized for its excellence in patient care.

High Quality Healthcare: More Than Just Words

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our outstanding performance in the Medicare Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), where we consistently achieve top scores. Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) highlight our commitment to meeting MIPS measures, particularly in areas such as blood pressure control and diabetes management, some of the most complex diseases to manage effectively.

Measure ID

Measure Title

Performance Rate (%)



Controlling High Blood Pressure




Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Poor Control (>9%)



*For Hypertension, the seventh decile is the Highest decile nationally for medical practices small or large.

**For Diabetes, a lower decile is better as the data is looking at “poor control” of Diabetes (a reverse score)


The “Performance Rate (%)” column shows the percentage of patients who received the recommended care out of all the patients who were eligible for each measure.

The “Decile” column indicates the performance percentile with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, according to national rankings.

Where you go for your medical care matters. 

Experience the difference Nao!

By choosing Nao Medical, you’re ensuring that the dollars you spend remain locally, instead of enriching distant stockholders who may have little regard for your neighborhood. The “Corner of Happy & Healthy” is likely in the “Swiss Alps”.