8 Reasons Nao Medical is different from your typical urgent care

Need urgent care doctors and urgent care services in NYC? Eight reasons show why Nao Medical is different from typical urgent care centers. After all, life can get quite busy, and not everyone has the time to thoroughly browse their options. It’s easy to go to any urgent care. But if you want to receive quality care at affordable rates, it’s crucial to find something that fits your needs and suits your lifestyle.

Flexible schedules

We believe the point of urgent care is to be available whenever you need us. People don’t get sick only during business hours. They certainly don’t get hurt at convenient times too. We make sure each of our urgent care centers is open for extended hours every day, including holidays and weekends.

Our office hours stand, no matter what. Whether there’s a major snowstorm, a big parade, or a Yankees playoff victory celebration, our dependable staff will be ready to help you if you need it.

Virtual care and home visits

If you don’t feel like getting out of bed or when the weather isn’t pleasant, you can call us for an online doctor consultation or an at-home visit. Our telemedicine service connects you to an urgent care doctor using your laptop or smartphone. 

Need a prescription? We can do that virtually. Our online doctors will send your prescription directly to your local pharmacy. All you have to do is sign up for an appointment, and you’ll have the doctor’s undivided attention for as long as you need it. 

If you can’t go to any Nao Medical urgent care center in NYC, our healthcare professionals can come to you. Our home services allow patients to schedule a time to get the urgent care service they need in the comfort of their homes.

Short wait times

Doctors may sometimes fall short with their patients due to their busy schedules. We take pride in having a dedicated team of health professionals ready to listen to and treat the people who come to our urgent care center for help.

Our doctors won’t waste any of your time. We don’t want you sitting in the waiting room, feeling uncomfortable when you could be home resting and recuperating. We consistently maintain short wait times for all of our patients. Don’t wait on your doctor or your prescription. Our staff will send your prescription directly to your closest pharmacy of choice, so you can start to feel better as soon as possible.

Our doctors understand that being sick or injured can be a helpless feeling. The last thing you need is a doctor who brushes off your concerns. We train our staff to be polite, thorough, and kind to everyone who comes into our urgent care and those who use our virtual care services.

Urgent care for the whole family

Nao Medical offers excellent urgent care services for all patients, regardless of age. Between school, work, and finding childcare if you have multiple children, finding time for the pediatrician can seem impossible. Our extended hours and convenient locations mean you don’t have to take extra time off work or wait until the morning to get excellent pediatric care.

If we don’t have the correct equipment to treat your child, we’re happy to refer them to a specialist who can give them the level of care they need.

More healthcare services

At each NYC location, we offer more than just urgent care. Our doctors can perform the following services:

  • DOT physical/CDL medical exam
  • STD testing and screening
  • Test for concussions and other head injuries
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Immigration medical exam
  • School and sports physical
  • Visio and hearing tests
  • Occupational health
  • Lab work
  • Wellness

Affordable rates

Urgent care is often the most affordable option. A single trip to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars, even if you have insurance. At Nao Medical, we make sure you get excellent care at an affordable price. Our locations accept most major insurance providers. This way, you can get the treatment you need without worrying about out-of-pocket costs. 

We provide quality medical care and treatment for no more than the cost of your copay. But more than that, our team works hard to keep the prices down for services not covered by insurance. We try to offer special pricing as often as possible so that people can afford to take care of themselves without hurting their monthly budget.

If you’re worried about cost, call one of our locations. Our staff will work with you to figure out how we can make it affordable for you and your family.

Convenient locations

Nao Medical has several locations in New York City:

  • Astoria, Queens
  • Bronx, 174th Street
  • Bronx, Bartow Mall
  • Church Ave, Brooklyn
  • Corona, NY
  • Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  • Downtown, Manhattan
  • Hicksville, NY
  • Jackson Heights, Queens
  • Jamaica, Queens
  • Long Island City, Queens
  • Midtown, Manhattan
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We want you to get the healthcare you need without the hassle. You can walk into any of our urgent care centers or call ahead to book an appointment.

Experiences that last forever

When you visit one of our urgent care centers, your care doesn’t end when you walk out the door. We believe in follow-through. We’ll follow up on you, ensure your prescription is working, and even offer you resources and treatment plans to make your condition more manageable. 

We’ll reach out when it’s time for your annual physical exam or when you need to renew your CDL medical exam. Taking care of our patients is more than shuffling people in and out of the waiting room. To us, it means ensuring that you return to your healthy, vibrant self as soon as possible.

At Nao Medical, we take the patient-doctor relationship to a new level. Our patients are more than just typical patients. They’re family and friends who deserve outstanding urgent care services at a comfortable price.

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