Corporate health: Why every business needs it

Managers and business owners are grappling with new questions in 2022:

“How long before someone with COVID-19 can return to work?”

“Should we open our work to all employees?”

“If we do, how do we maintain a safe and healthy work environment?”

These are only a few of the many questions people ask about occupational safety and health. Corporate health focuses on organizational activities that support a healthy workplace.

What is corporate health?

Occupational healthcare specialists are professionals who work in corporate health. They have the training and expertise in occupational and environmental injuries and illnesses.

Board-certified Occ Med professionals assist businesses in getting annual screenings and flu vaccinations for their employees. They also perform the following corporate health services:

  • Pre-employment physicals
  • DOT physicals
  • Fit-for-duty physicals
  • Drug testing for pre-employment screening, random testing, post-accident and reasonable suspicion, and return-to-duty clearances
  • Qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing, including the OSHA respirator medical evaluation questionnaire
  • Audiometry testing (baseline and annual) to screen for hearing loss

Is corporate health necessary?

Corporate healthcare services are under the American Board of Preventive Medicine. It focuses on preventing work-related injuries and promoting healthy workplace behaviors.

When employees get injured on the job, there should be an occupational medicine specialist to check on them. These professionals are experts in diagnosing and treating work-related injuries. They work with employers to keep workplaces safe and keep employees healthy on the job.

How corporate health can help your business

Corporate health specialists can help create workplace health programs and strategies. These can help address employee health concerns and injury prevention. 

Occupational health includes:

  • Health education classes
  • Company Policy
  • Work environment assessments
  • Health services for workers’ compensation
  • Workplace wellness programs
  • Corporate health insurance

Healthy employees boost business performance

Including corporate health is a vital strategy for a successful business. Employers should work hand in hand with Occ Med specialists to help create workplace health programs tailored to their individual business needs.
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