Mastering the USCIS Medical Exam: An Essential Guide for NYC Residents

Whether you’re applying for a Green Card or adjusting your immigration status, the USCIS Medical Exam is a critical step in the process. Navigating this requirement can be daunting, especially in a bustling city like New York. In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the green card physical, including how to prepare, what to expect, and where to find authorized civil surgeons in NYC.

Understanding the USCIS Medical Exam

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires immigrants to undergo a medical examination as part of their application process. This exam helps to ensure that you meet the health-related standards for admissibility to the United States. The USCIS Medical Exam is conducted by a government-authorized civil surgeon who assesses your overall health and checks for specific health conditions or diseases that could impact your immigration status.

Why is the USCIS Medical Exam required?

The USCIS Medical Exam serves multiple purposes, including:

  • Protecting public health by identifying and treating communicable diseases
  • Ensuring that applicants are vaccinated according to the CDC’s immunization requirements
  • Assessing for mental and physical health issues that could pose a threat to public safety
  • Identifying any other health-related grounds of inadmissibility

Finding an Authorized Civil Surgeon in NYC

It’s crucial to find an authorized civil surgeon to perform your USCIS Medical Exam, as only exams conducted by these professionals are accepted by the USCIS. You can find a list of authorized civil surgeons on the USCIS website. Nao Medical is proud to have experienced civil surgeons on our team, providing convenient, high-quality green card physicals in NYC.

Preparing for Your USCIS Medical Exam

Before you attend your USCIS Medical Exam, it’s essential to gather the necessary documentation and complete any required forms. This preparation helps ensure a smooth and efficient examination process.

Documents to Bring to Your Exam

Make sure to bring the following documents with you to your USCIS Medical Exam:

  • A government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license
  • Your vaccination records
  • Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, filled out with your personal information (the civil surgeon will complete the rest)
  • Any relevant medical records, particularly if you have a chronic health condition or history of certain diseases

What to Expect During Your USCIS Medical Exam

During your USCIS Medical Exam, the authorized civil surgeon will assess your overall health and check for specific conditions as required by the USCIS. Here’s what you can expect during the examination:

Physical Examination

The civil surgeon will perform a thorough physical examination, including checking your vital signs, listening to your heart and lungs, and assessing your overall health. This examination helps identify any health issues that may impact your immigration status.

Review of Medical History

The civil surgeon will review your medical history, including any chronic health conditions, past surgeries, or history of certain diseases. They may request additional information or medical records if necessary to determine your health status.

Vaccination Assessment

The civil surgeon will review your vaccination records to ensure that you meet the CDC’s immunization requirements for immigration. If you are missing any required vaccinations, the civil surgeon may administer them during your visit or provide you with guidance on obtaining them.

Testing for Communicable Diseases

The civil surgeon will test for specific communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis and syphilis, as required by the USCIS. Depending on your medical history and risk factors, they may also test for other diseases, such as hepatitis or HIV.

Completion of Form I-693

After the examination, the civil surgeon will complete Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, and provide you with a sealed envelope containing the completed form. Do not open this envelope; submit it with your immigration application to the USCIS.

After Your USCIS Medical Exam

Once you have completed your USCIS Medical Exam and submitted your Form I-693 with your immigration application, the USCIS will review your medical information as part of your overall application. If they have any questions or concerns about your health status, they may contact you for additional information or clarification.

Expert USCIS Medical Exams at Nao Medical

At Nao Medical, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient USCIS Medical Exam process. Our experienced civil surgeons provide high-quality, affordable care to NYC residents seeking to complete their immigration requirements.

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FAQs About the USCIS Medical Exam

How much does a USCIS Medical Exam cost?

  • Costs for USCIS Medical Exams vary depending on the provider and location. Nao Medical offers competitive pricing for our exams. For more details, visit our Services and Fees page.

How long is a USCIS Medical Exam valid?

  • USCIS Medical Exams are typically valid for two years from the date of the examination. However, the USCIS may require a more recent exam in certain cases.

Can I get my USCIS Medical Exam done by my primary care physician?

  • No, the USCIS Medical Exam must be performed by a USCIS-authorized civil surgeon. You can find a list of authorized civil surgeons on the USCIS website.
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