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About the COVID-19 test for school

Get your child tested for COVID-19 at Nao Medical (formerly Statcare). We are here for you and your children throughout the school year, offering reliable COVID-19 testing for school. Get peace of mind and help your kids stay safe this school year by scheduling an appointment at one of our urgent care clinics in New York City!

How can kids get tested before going back to school?

Providing quick COVID testing for everyone involved helps prevent the spread of the virus. We also provide bulk COVID-19 testing on-site for schools and school events.

How much does on-site COVID-19 testing for school cost?

For COVID on-site testing inquiries, you may contact us to request more information about availability and special discounts for groups. With COVID-19 testing, schools in New York City can create a safe environment for all.

Other services offered: COVID-19 vaccine and booster for kids

Aside from COVID-19 testing for schools, we also offer COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for kids, whether you have an insurance plan or not. We offer Pfizer-BioNTech first and second doses, as well as booster shots on-site or in any Nao Medical clinic in NY. To learn more about COVID vaccines, you can check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.
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Should students return to school while in COVID-19 quarantine?

Students should not return to school while in COVID-19 quarantine. CDC recommends that students and school staff stay at home until their quarantine period is over.

Can kids go back to school if a parent tests positive for COVID-19?

Kids cannot go back to school yet if a parent tests positive for COVID-19. If anyone tests positive in a household, the kids are considered close contacts and should follow public health guidelines on testing and quarantine.

If your child needs to quarantine, ask your school about recommended virtual learning options while at home.

Does my child have to get tested to attend school in person?

Your child has to get tested to attend school in person if the school requires COVID-19 testing. Although COVID testing for kids is strongly encouraged to ensure their safety and the safety of everyone around them.

How do I get on-site COVID-19 testing for my school or school event?

To get on-site COVID-19 testing for your school or school event, you can get in touch with Nao Medical. We will send a mobile team to your location to provide safe and reliable COVID testing to the school staff and students.

How will the testing be done?

The testing is done with a nasal swab using either a rapid antigen test, which returns a result in just 15 minutes, or a PCR test, which takes 3 to 7 days for results to be available. Learn more about COVID-testing for schools here.

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