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About our urgent care HBA1C tests

HBA1C tests are especially helpful in determining if a patient has or is at risk of prediabetes or diabetes. At Nao Medical (formerly Statcare) we offer hemoglobin A1c tests in all our clinics in NYC.

What is an HBA1C test?

An HBA1C test helps measure the amount of glucose attached to hemoglobin, which is the part of red blood cells that carry and distribute oxygen from the lungs to all the parts of the body. The results will show the average amount of glucose on hemoglobin for the past three months.

About our urgent care service

With Nao Medical's urgent care, you can either walk in or make an appointment ahead of time. You can visit our urgent care or walk-in medical clinics near you during operating hours. We're open seven days a week and closed only if NYS declares an emergency.

Before booking your appointment please note:

Ensure that your insurance benefits include urgent care or contact us to confirm if your individual/group insurance plan is eligible for use. Please dial 911 immediately if your medical problem appears to be life-threatening.
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What is the normal HBA1C level?

The normal HBA1C level for people with diabetes is between 4% to 5.6%. If you have between 5.7% to 6.4%, you may have prediabetes. If it’s over 6.5%, it means that you have diabetes.

Does an HBA1C test require fasting?

An HBA1C test does not require you to fast before the test since only a part of the red blood cells are tested.

How can I lower my HBA1C naturally?

To lower your HBA1C naturally, you need to track your carb intake and measure your portions. Aside from a healthy diet plan, you also need to exercise and maintain normal body weight.

What happens if HBA1C is high?

If your HBA1C level is high, you’re at risk of heart disease, kidney disease, mental health problems, bone loss, and fatigue. A low level, on the other hand, may reflect biological factors such as inflammation, decreased liver function, or red blood cell markers.

How long does it take to receive blood test results?

Blood test results may take a few minutes to several days, depending on the type of blood test you get. The health care provider will inform you about when the results will be available and what to expect regarding the results.

Are urgent care centers open after hours?

Yes. Most of our urgent care centers are open after hours, making health care more accessible for all residents in NYC.

Should I make an appointment for urgent care?

Not necessarily. Most urgent cares accept walk-in patients. But if you want shorter wait times, you can book an appointment through phone or online.

Does insurance plan cover all urgent care services?

Most urgent care services are covered by insurance. Please contact your insurance plan provider directly for specific questions related to your coverage, deductible, & plan.

Can I go to urgent care without insurance?

Yes. If you need urgent care and you have no insurance, we offer affordable rates for all health care services we offer.

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