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What is a chicken pox vaccine?

Most commonly known as chickenpox, varicella is a highly contagious viral disease and is a common illness among kids under 12 years old. It can affect all parts of the body. Children receive two doses of the varicella vaccine.
The first dose is given at 12 to 15 months of age. The second dose is given before the start of kindergarten at 4 to 6 years of age. Adolescents and adults 13 years of age and older who have never had chickenpox or been immunized against it should get two doses, at least 28 days apart.

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What are the three stages of chickenpox?

The three stages of chickenpox are:

  • Stage 1 – appearance of small spots anywhere in the body
  • Stage 2 – the spots fill with fluid and become blisters
  • Stage 3 – the blisters become scabs

How long does chickenpox last?

Chickenpox usually lasts about four to seven days.

Do you have to isolate with chickenpox?

You have to isolate chickenpox because it’s infectious. Stay off work and stay home until you are sure that you are no longer contagious. Stay away from pregnant women and newborn babies.

When is chickenpox most contagious?

Chickenpox is most contagious during the first two to five days of being sick, which is one to two days before rashes start showing. This means you could be spreading chickenpox before you even know you have it.

Can you get chickenpox twice?

You can get chickenpox twice but it’s very rare. Most people who had it once are immune to it forever. Sometimes, the virus reactivates in other people and causes shingles.

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