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About Earwax Removal:

Earwax removal is a procedure to remove excessive earwax or cerumen from the ear canal. Excessive earwax can cause discomfort, hearing loss, and other symptoms.

More about Earwax Removal:
  • Irrigation: A healthcare provider may use a syringe or specialized equipment to flush out the earwax using warm water or saline solution.
  • Suction: A healthcare provider may use a small suction device to remove the earwax from the ear canal.
  • Manual Removal: A healthcare provider may use a specialized tool, such as a curette, to manually remove the earwax from the ear canal.


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 Is earwax removal painful?

Earwax removal is generally a painless procedure. However, some people may experience mild discomfort or a feeling of pressure during the procedure.

What are the risks of earwax removal?

Earwax removal is generally a safe procedure when performed by a healthcare provider. However, there is a small risk of infection, bleeding, or damage to the ear canal or eardrum..

How can I prevent excessive earwax buildup?

Excessive earwax buildup can be prevented by avoiding the use of cotton swabs or other objects in the ear canal, as well as by regularly cleaning the outer ear with a damp cloth. It’s also important to avoid using earbuds or headphones at high volumes, as this can contribute to hearing loss and other ear-related problems.

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