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When should you go to urgent care for stitches?

You may need to go to urgent care for stitches or other urgent care services if your wound:
1. Continues to bleed after 15 minutes of direct pressure
2. Is deeper than one-quarter inch, gaping open,
3. Is deep enough that fat, muscle, or bone are visible
4. Has a cut made by a rusty metal object, such as a nail
5. Is situated over a joint and the edges of the wound separates during movement
6. Is located on your face or a hand or finger

About our urgent care service

With Nao Medical's urgent care, you can either walk in or make an appointment ahead of time. You can visit our urgent care or walk-in medical clinics near you during operating hours. We're open seven days a week and closed only if NYS declares an emergency.

Before booking your appointment please note:

Ensure that your insurance benefits include urgent care or contact us to confirm if your individual/group insurance plan is eligible for use. Please dial 911 immediately if your medical problem appears to be life-threatening.
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Can urgent care do stitches?

This depends on how serious the cut is and where the cut is located. Urgent care clinics can provide stitches for shallow cuts that have no torn edges, not spurting bright red blood, and not exposing a joint, vein, or muscle. If the cut has those characteristics, is bleeding profusely even when pressure is applied, and is located on the face or scalp, then it is best to go to the ER.

What happens if I don’t get stitches for a cut?

If you don’t get stitches for a cut, it may take longer for the wound to close and heal. Not only is that inconvenient and bothersome, there is also a risk of infection.

Do I need stitches if it stops bleeding?

If your wound stops bleeding when you add gauze bandages, then you won’t need stitches. But if it keeps bleeding through the bandages, even with direct pressure, then you might need to get stitches.

How soon should wounds get stitched?

A wound that needs stitches should get them within six to eight hours after the injury. 

Are stitches supposed to hurt after?

It is normal for stitches to hurt. The pain should decrease as the wound heals. For deeper tissues, any pain and soreness may last another week or more.

What is the difference between emergency and urgent care?

The difference between emergency and urgent care is that emergency rooms in hospitals treat life-threatening conditions and injuries, whereas urgent care clinics treat illnesses and injuries that require immediate medical attention but are non-life-threatening.

Are urgent care centers open after hours?

Yes. Most of our urgent care centers are open after hours, making health care more accessible for all residents in NYC.

Should I make an appointment for Urgent Care?

Not necessarily. Most urgent cares accept walk-in patients. But if you want shorter wait times, you can book an appointment through Via phone or online.

Can I pay for my urgent care stitches without insurance?

If you have no insurance, we provide our services without insurance for self-pay patients, giving you the care when you need it most.

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