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About Nao Medical’s virtual care services

Enjoy the same high-quality care you’d received in person or in clinics as you would with our virtual urgent care service. Our virtual care team is equipped to help you and your loved ones from the comfort of your home.

Why urgent care to treat your cold?

Nao Medical’s urgent care clinics are open outside of the regular doctor's office operating hours which means we work well with your busy schedule to ensure you get the flu treatment you need.

Before booking your appointment please note:

Ensure that your insurance plan or service is eligible for virtual care, you can do this by contacting your insurance company. Please dial 911 immediately if your medical problem appears to be life-threatening.
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How can you tell a cold from COVID?

While both the cold and COVID-19 infection are caused by viruses that cause similar signs and symptoms, there are a few major differences. A cold never comes with diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. It also rarely involves muscle pain, fatigue, and fever.

How long should I wait to take a COVID-19 test after exposure to a known or suspected case?

You should not wait to take a COVID-19 test after exposure to a known or suspected case, regardless of your vaccination status. You need to get tested at least 5 days after exposure or earlier if you have COVID symptoms.

How accurate are rapid COVID-19 tests?

Rapid COVID-19 tests are accurate enough to detect the presence of the virus in symptomatic individuals. However, if it shows a negative result despite the presence of COVID-19 symptoms, an RT-PCR test is needed to confirm it.

How does virtual care work?

Virtual care involves online communication between a doctor and patient through a video conferencing platform or app using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How long would a virtual visit appointment take?

This may vary ( depending on the medical condition) anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

How do I prepare for a virtual doctor visit?

To prepare for a virtual visit, find a quiet place in your home or office and use headphones or earbuds if necessary. It would also be helpful to have good lighting in case the doctor needs to do a physical check. Make sure to have a list of your symptoms, medical history, and any questions you may have regarding your condition.

Does my insurance cover a virtual care service?

Virtual care is more cost-effective and flexible than in-office consultations, so most insurances cover virtual care services. However, we recommend that you check with your health insurance company before booking an appointment.

Can I pay for my virtual care appointment without insurance?

If you have no insurance, we provide our services without insurance for self-pay patients, giving you the care when you need it most.

What are the benefits of virtual health?

Virtual health care helps patients save time and money, especially if they have to commute to the clinic or if they are unable to take time off of work. It is also a safe way to consult a doctor without having to expose yourself to contagious illnesses outdoors.

Home care health services

At home, at work, or wherever you are, Nao Medical will provide you with the care you need at no additional cost. We provide access to personalized medical care to help with your healthcare needs.

Virtual care

We offer top-tier virtual care that works with your busy schedule. Our virtual care is made to get you quickly connected with a medical provider who will provide you with comprehensive care.

Healthcare coordinator

A free personal medical coordinator to guide you through your healthcare journey that helps with everything from booking appointments to sending you upcoming appointment reminders, and more.

Offer guidance to help you navigate the healthcare landscape

Provide suggestions for healthcare visits that are tailored to your needs

Book your appointments

Follow up on lab results

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Be proactive about your health and stay on top of important preventative appointments.

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We know how easy it is to neglect our personal health, with the busyness of daily life often getting in the way. Statistically, people today take more care of their cars and their pets than they do their own health!
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