Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment

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What is a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

This is when an infection is affecting the bladder, ureters, kidneys, and/or urethra. Your medical provider will help to diagnose which part of the urinary tract is infected or if an infection is present through your symptoms or urine sample and then prescribe the required antibiotics.

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Ensure that your insurance benefits include urgent care or contact us to confirm if your individual/group insurance plan is eligible for use. Please dial 911 immediately if your medical problem appears to be life-threatening.
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What is the main cause of a UTI infection?

One of the main causes of a UTI infection is bacteria infecting the urinary tract. One example is that E. coli bacteria, which live in the bowel, cause most UTIs

How do you know if you have a UTI infection?

There are a wide range of symptoms that can let you know if you have a UTI infection. The most common being a burning sensation when urinating, passing small amounts of urine frequently or passing urine with blood which may appear red, bright pink or cola-colored.

Can a UTI go away on its own?

This all depends on the type and level of UTI infection that you may have currently. For minor UTI infections they can go away on their own but it can take longer, whereas with antibiotics the time of recovery is faster. 

Can I pay for my virtual care appointment without insurance?

If you have no insurance, we provide our services without insurance for self-pay patients, giving you the care when you need it most.

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