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Your Transparent Choice for Affordable Urgent Care

At Nao Medical, we believe in healthcare transparency, ensuring you know exactly what you’ll pay for your care. Our commitment to affordable care means you’ll pay half as much as you would at urgent care centers owned by hospital chains or pharmacy chains.

In New York, most residents have deductibles, so visiting an urgent care center owned by a Hospital System or Pharmacy Chain can result in a hefty out-of-pocket expense of $240 to $280 that you will need to pay from your deductible.

Nao Medical is the #1 choice for people looking for transparency in health care. And our visit charges are almost half  those of Urgent Care owned by hospital chains and big box pharmacy chains.

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We accept all insurances! No insurance? Visit fee just $175!


Virtual Care Available:

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Nao Medical is a leading provider of urgent and walk-in medical care in the New York Metro area. Since 2009, we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality, year-round care to New Yorkers, serving nearly 2 million individuals.

As a 100% physician-owned practice, we are committed to putting patients first. Our team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals is passionate about providing prompt, personalized care to address your immediate needs.

With over 120,000 five-star reviews, Nao Medical is consistently recognized for its excellence in patient care.

Nao Medical (previously known as Statcare) is accredited by the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA). These accreditations are reserved for organizations that strive to exceed nationally recognized standards of patient care and illness or injury treatment.

Whether you need urgent care for a non-life-threatening illness or injury, routine walk-in appointments, occupational health services, routine gynecological services, primary care services, mental health services, dietary or nutrition services, or COVID-19 testing and vaccination, Nao Medical is here to meet your needs.

We offer flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends, and accept most major insurance plans to ensure convenient and accessible care for all.

Short Wait Times and Online Check-In Available

Feeling under the weather shouldn’t mean waiting longer for care.  Skip the Long Waits of Long Island Hospitals! We prioritize your time and health, ensuring minimal wait times. Our goal is to provide convenient, fast and efficient service through a focus on giving you timely medical attention. Visit Nao Medical Mineola for swift, reliable, and high quality Total Care. Book your appointment online or simply walk in – we’re dedicated to helping you recover quickly and efficiently. 

Our wait times do vary by site, day of the week and time of the day.  As of March 6, 2024, the wait times range from 5 to 25 mins. across all our sites, the fastest service time being on Wednesdays. 

Streamline your visit by using our convenient online check-in facility. The wait times are less if you complete your urgent care appointment booking online. Completing your check-in online will save you time. All Nao Medical facilities have walk-in availability, so you can see our provider without an appointment if you need immediate care or couldn’t complete the online reservation.

Urgent Care Amenities​

ADA accessibility: Our facility amenities include ADA accessible and LGBTQI+ friendly restrooms. Our clean, modern and comfortable setting contributes to a pleasant and less stress free experience for you.
Extended Hours: Majority of our sites operate beyond traditional business hours, including evenings, weekends, and all holidays and are open 365 days.
Communication: Our patients can chat online, text us or email us or reach us through the App. and our staff ensures effective follow-up communication after the visit, whether its discussing test results or the next steps in your journey to health.
Insurances We Accept & are In-Network with: Nao Medical accepts a wide range of insurance plans makes healthcare more accessible and affordable, right in your community. We have transparent pricing.
Highly qualified and trained medical staff: We have on-staff, Board-certified clinicians, including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, that ensure high-quality tech-driven medical care.
On-site Diagnostics: Our UCA Accredited facilities are equipped with on-site laboratories, Defibrillators and EKG machines. We do not have on-site imaging services like CT scans, or MRIs as those are bets done at Radiology facilities in the neighborhood.

Common Conditions Treated At Nao Medical​​

Nao Medical has been in business since 2009, and provide the broadest range of medical services for “Total Health Care”. Our Tech-driven personalized Care Plans guide our providers to help assess and address risks before they become an issue for you. Here are some of the services we offer:

Illnesses: We diagnose and treat illnesses like Sore throats, Strep., Flu, Mono, COVID-19 and many other common illnesses. Sudden Fever, Flu, or Cough: Battling these symptoms? Our team can provide quick assessments and treatments to help you recover faster.

Injuries: Sprains and strains, cuts, bruises, burns or other accidents. From stitches to proper wound care, we ensure your injuries are treated with the utmost care.

Medication Refills and Prescriptions: Keep your medication in check with our efficient prescription services. Allergic Reactions, Rashes, and Bites: Experience sudden allergic reactions? We provide immediate relief and guidance for a range of allergic responses. Urinary Tract Infections and Stomach Issues: Our on-site diagnostic tests offer rapid insights, followed by effective treatment plans. Respiratory Problems and Sinus Infections: We help alleviate your discomfort with timely evaluation and suitable treatment options.

Wellness Screenings: Women’s Health, Heart Health, Routine Gyn like Pap smears and more

Nutrition: Registered Nutritionist On-Staff, Assistance with Medication Assisted Weight Loss (MAWL)
Mental Health: Psychotherapists, Mental Health Specialists On Staff
Sexual Health: NPIN designated CDC site for HIV PreP, and LGBTQI+ Health
Referrals: We provide referrals to Specialists (Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Rheumatologists etc.), Ultrasounds, CT Scans & MRI’s when medically     appropriate.
Pre-operative Clearances: Whether you’re getting cosmetic surgeries or getting Gallstones removed; whether you’re scheduled for Arthroscopy or other Ambulatory or in-hospital surgical procedures, our doctors will optimize your medical risk before surgery by doing a thorough
pre-surgical, pre-anesthesia risk assessment.
Virtual care: We provide televisits all week (extended hours, too!), including after-hours service for our patients so you can always reach us, wherever you are.
Lab Tests: Blood Tests, Cholesterol check, Diabetes screening, Urine tests, EKG, & more

Personalized, Tech-driven Care Plans post-visit: At Nao Medical, we know that cookie-cutter healthcare doesn’t work. Your health journey is unique, and so should your care. We provide personalized, compassionate experiences that reflect your individual needs, preferences, and background.
Immunizations and Vaccinations: Stay protected with our range of routine and travel vaccinations. Tdap vaccine, Tetanus shots, Flu, MMR, Pneumonia shots, Varicella vaccine for chicken pox & more 

Travel Consultations, Advice and Travel Vaccine and prescriptions: Planning a trip? Get all the advice and vaccinations you need for a safe journey. CDC Certified Travel Clinic for Yellow Fever Vaccines, Typhoid vaccine, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis & more
Immigration Physicals: USCIS Designated Site with Civil Surgeons
DOT Physicals: US DOT NRCME Certified Medical Examiners on-site
Corporate Health: We evaluate and treat on-the-job injuries, & provide all Occupational Health Services to support workplace wellness with a variety of health services tailored for professionals.
Pediatric Services: We provide pediatric care for Ear infections, Fevers, rashes etc. to help bridge care gaps when your pediatrician isn’t available.
Physicals: Pre-employment Physicals, Sports Physicals, College Admission Physicals, Camp Physicals, and Insurance Physicals.

Nao Medical's Dedication to the Mineola Community

Nao Medical Mineola epitomizes more than just healthcare provision; it embodies a partnership in wellness with the residents of Mineola, Westbury, Garden City, Carle Place, and Garden City Park South. Our pledge is to furnish not just medical services but a complete spectrum of health solutions, affirming our role as a committed health ally to the local community. We are dedicated to offering accessible, superior-quality Total Care, integrating an extensive array of healthcare services that span from exhaustive urgent care options to tailored medical specialties. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic healthcare experience, deeply rooted in our commitment to the well-being and health security of the communities we serve.

Innovative Virtual Telemedicine Solutions at Nao Medical Mineola

Nao Medical Mineola is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, providing state-of-the-art virtual telemedicine services that cater to a range of healthcare needs, including urgent care and specialized medical consultations. Our telemedicine platform empowers patients to receive expert medical care remotely, ensuring that individuals in our community have consistent access to our healthcare professionals from anywhere, particularly the comfort of their own homes. This virtual care model exemplifies our dedication to offering continuous, high-caliber medical services, reflecting our commitment to accessible, comprehensive healthcare. Our telehealth services are designed to provide seamless, efficient, and effective medical care, aligning with modern healthcare demands and ensuring that our community members receive the support they need when they need it.

Understanding Financial Aspects: Billing, Copays, and Deductibles

Understanding the intricacy of healthcare insurance especially as they pertain to deductibles, copayments, and the comprehensive billing framework, is essential for anyone navigating health insurance policies. These financial responsibilities are universally applicable, whether one is accessing services at Nao Medical Urgent Care, seeking emergency care at Winthrop/NYU Langone Hospital Long Island or Northwell Health Hospitals or Nassau University Medical Center, or consulting with primary care providers or specialists. As a UCA Accredited Urgent Care, Nao Medical holds a distinguished position within healthcare networks, its nationally ranked healthcare is recognized by health plans. Nao Medical is not merely a a walk-in clinic but a specialized service provider of high quality medical care. Check out our Healthcare Scorecard. The UCA accreditation underscores our adherence to the UCA’s stringent quality standards, ensuring that our patients receive exceptional care that is comprehensive and consistently of the highest quality.

Clarifying Billing for Plans with High Deductibles

Individuals utilizing Nao Medical’s urgent care services who are covered by a high deductible health plan, or who have yet to fulfill their annual deductible, are required to pay $175 at the time of their visit. Should your deductible be over $150, Nao Medical will subsequently bill for the balance. This approach promotes billing transparency and assists you in effectively navigating their healthcare finances.

Understanding the specifics of one’s health plan benefits and the associated financial responsibilities will help you prevent unexpected medical expenses. Nao Medical is dedicated to offering clear, transparent information about billing, copays, and deductibles, empowering you to make well-informed healthcare financial decisions.

Copay Differences Between Urgent Care and Local Area Hospital ER's

At Nao Medical, the copay for urgent care services is a fraction of the copay for an emergency room (ER) visit. By setting lower copays for urgent care at Nao Medical, insurance plans are encouraging patients to choose urgent care over hospital Emergency Rooms like NYU Langone Long Island or Northwell Health or Nassau University Medical Center.

Affordable Urgent Care Without Health Insurance Coverage

Recognizing the financial constraints that often accompany healthcare, Nao Medical Mineola provides affordable urgent care services in Nassau County to those without insurance. Our location is next to the LIRR Train Station, making us highly accessible for affordable care.

We offer a clear and upfront pricing model, with a standard fee of $175 for urgent care visits. Our transparent pricing eliminates the uncertainty and stress often associated with medical expenses. If you were searching for affordable medical care without insurance in Nassau County or low-cost urgent care services, you just found one because others charge $260+ for the same services.

Emergency Care at Nao Medical Compared to ER's in Nassau County

Nao Medical Mineola offers a great alternative to the expensive and time consuming experience of local Nassau County area hospital emergency rooms (Winthrop-NYU Langone Hospital Long Island or Northwell Health Hospitals, or Nassau University Medical Center). Our convenient hours and location next to the LIRR train station, next to Winthrop Hospital; makes it easy to access our services using MTA Subway or LIRR Trains and NICE Bus Services. At Nao Medical we treat all non-life-threatening conditions quickly and efficiently whether it is minor cuts requiring stitches, or sudden fevers, allergic reactions.

Our focus on providing immediate care without the extended wait times typically associated with Long Island Hospital emergency rooms makes us a preferred choice for emergency medical care in Mineola, Garden City, Carle Place and Westbury area. If you were seeking a fast emergency care alternatives to ER’s in Nassau County or quick treatment for an urgent medical condition, you have come to the right place!

Pediatric Urgent Care Expertise in Mineola, Carle Place, and Garden City

Located conveniently next to the LIRR Mineola Train Station, our Nao Medical Mineola facility is perfectly positioned to cater to the non-emergency pediatric healthcare needs of parents living in Mineola, Garden City, Westbury and Carle Place. If your child has a need to go to the ER, then all area hospitals have pediatric ER’s. The Cohen Children’s Medical Center at Northwell Health in New Hyde Park also has a specialized pediatric emergency room that is open 24/7 throughout the year. 

Understanding the specialized healthcare needs of children, our clinic is acknowledged as a leading provider of pediatric urgent care, serving the families of Mineola, Westbury, Garden City, Carle Place, and Garden City Park South.

Our clinic offers a wide range of pediatric services, efficiently addressing conditions from sudden fevers and minor injuries to immediate care for allergic reactions. We are recognized for our focused pediatric care, providing timely, specialized, and empathetic healthcare solutions in the heart of Mineola.

In addition to acute care, we offer comprehensive pediatric services including vaccinations and regular health check-ups, making us a key pediatric healthcare provider in the area. Our commitment is steadfast in offering reliable, high-quality pediatric care, integral to the wellbeing of the communities in Mineola, Westbury, and Garden City.