Nutrition Counseling

With Nao Medical’s nutritionist service you’ll receive personalized nutrition counseling done virtually to help you to meet your health or dietary goals. You’ll be guided with care through nutritional learning, accountability and support and we will identify your strengths and challenges and set attainable goals. Nao Medical is your #1 Transparent Choice for Affordable care. Click here to understand how Nao Medical drives Transparency And Value while providing High Quality, Tech driven Total Care. Nao Medical is your #1 Transparent Choice for Affordable care. Click here to understand how Nao Medical drives Transparency And Value while providing High Quality, Tech driven Total Care.

Nutritionist & Dietary Counseling Sites in NYC & Long Island

Urgent care is all about convenience, and with multiple locations in the NY Metro Area, you’re never far from a Nao Medical center. We serve various neighborhoods including Astoria, Crown Heights, Jackson Heights, Williamsburg, and more. There’s always a Nao Medical center near you. 

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Nutritionist Near Me, Brooklyn

When you’re seeking expert guidance on your dietary health, it’s comforting to know there’s a trusted nutritionist nearby. At Nao Medical, we offer comprehensive nutrition counseling services, and we’re more than just a clinic; we’re your partners in wellness. Nutrition counseling is essential for addressing your dietary needs, managing health conditions, and achieving your wellness goals. We accept all major insurances and offer tele-nutrition or virtual care, allowing you to receive expert guidance from the comfort of your home. Our nutritionist services in Crown Heights, Williamsburg, Brooklyn provide services to patients all over NYC, Long Island and New York State. Our nutritional counseling and dietary advice is designed to provide you with personalized and convenient nutritional support, ensuring your well-being is prioritized.

341 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11216

308 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

Nutritionist Near Me, Queens

For ongoing dietary health management and nutritional guidance, having a reliable nutritionist close to home is essential. Nao Medical centers, strategically located within your community, are dedicated to delivering exceptional nutrition counseling services. From Astoria, Long Island CIty, Jackson Heights, Corona to Jamaica, and throughout the diverse neighborhoods of Long Island, our nutritionist facilities are here to support a wide range of dietary needs through virtual appointments. This ensures that quality nutrition counseling is always within reach of all New Yorkers, without the need for long travels. We accept all major insurances, making it easy for you to prioritize your nutritional health.

30-07 36th Ave. Queens, NY 11106

37-15 23rd Ave Astoria, NY 11105

80-10 Northern Boulevard Jackson Heights, NY 11372

90-18 Sutphin Blvd Jamaica, NY 11435

100-22 37th Avenue Corona, NY 11368

Nutritionist Near Me, Manhattan

In search of accessible and ongoing dietary guidance in NYC? Nao Medical is your trusted solution. We recognize that when dietary concerns arise, swift access to a nearby nutritionist is essential. Our centers throughout the NY Metro Area are strategically positioned to ensure that, regardless of your location, you can easily find ‘nutritionist near me’ and receive timely, compassionate dietary healthcare. We have locations in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island that cater to patients all over New York State. We accept all major insurances, and our tele-nutrition or virtual care option enables you to receive expert nutritional guidance from the comfort of your home. Schedule a virtual appointment with our nutritionist to embrace our comprehensive dietary healthcare services.

259 1st Ave New York, NY 10003

Nutritionist Near Me, Bronx

Your journey to better dietary health requires consistent and comprehensive guidance. Our nutrition counseling services near you are tailored to meet your ongoing dietary needs through tele-nutrition or virtual care. With multiple locations across Bronx, New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island, Nao Medical ensures that high-quality nutrition counseling is always accessible to everyone in New York City and New York State. We accept all major insurances, and our virtual care option allows you to receive expert guidance from the comfort of your home. To make the most of our nutrition counseling services, simply schedule a virtual appointment with our nutritionist, ensuring that your dietary health is well-managed.

932 East 174th Street Bronx, NY 10460

2063A Bartow Avenue Bronx, NY 10475

421 Hunts Point Ave Bronx, NY 10474

Nutritionist Near Me, Nassau County, Long Island

Nao Medical is committed to being more than just a provider; we are your long-term partners in dietary health, conveniently situated across NYC and Nassau County and Suffolk County of Long Island. Our team of nutritionists is dedicated to offering comprehensive nutrition counseling services in a compassionate and patient-focused environment. Whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or any part of the NY Metro Area, or in Upstate New York, we’re here to support your ongoing dietary wellness journey. We accept all major insurances and offer tele-nutrition or virtual care, allowing you to receive expert guidance tailored to your dietary needs from the comfort of your home.

232 W. Old Country Road Hicksville, NY 11801

135 Mineola Blvd Mineola, NY 11501, USA

1908 Grand Ave Baldwin, NY 11510

Nutritionist Near Me, Suffolk County, Long Island

When it comes to your long-term dietary health, having convenient access to comprehensive nutrition counseling is invaluable. Nao Medical’s neighborhood nutrition counseling centers, spanning across NYC, Nassau County and Long Island, are dedicated to providing quality dietary healthcare services. Our strategically located facilities offer ongoing nutritional support that prioritizes your well-being. We accept all major insurances, and our tele-nutrition or virtual care option ensures that you can easily access expert guidance from your home. Make the most of our nutrition counseling services by scheduling a virtual appointment with our nutritionist, providing you and your loved ones with reliable dietary support.

1472 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, NY 11706

Nao Nutritionists Cater to Your Unique Needs

Nao Medical’s nutritional counseling practice, supported by certified nutritionists, excels in delivering comprehensive dietary advice aimed at aiding individuals in managing a broad spectrum of health conditions. Our tailored approach is rigorously designed to cater to the unique dietary needs and health aspirations of our clients, offering specialized guidance that surpasses standard dietary suggestions.

Debunking Myths and Misinformation

Our team is dedicated to dispelling prevalent nutritional myths through a series of informative blog posts and engaging social media content, such as:

  • Discrediting the belief that consuming food late at night directly contributes to weight gain, emphasizing instead the significance of total daily calorie intake.
  • Addressing the misconception that gluten should be universally excluded from diets, underscoring the value of whole-wheat products for those not diagnosed with celiac disease.
  • Challenging the notion that detox diets are essential for toxin elimination, elucidating on the body’s innate detoxification capabilities via the liver and kidneys.

Commitment to Evidence-Based Advice

At Nao Medical, our foundation is built on providing evidence-based nutritional guidance, conscientiously avoiding the dissemination of fad diets and unverified claims. We ensure that:

  • All dietary recommendations are substantiated by current research and reputable sources, guaranteeing that our clients receive precise and dependable information.
  • Our nutritional counseling service covers an extensive array of subjects, from the fundamentals of constructing balanced meals and comprehending macronutrients to mastering portion control and interpreting food labels with accuracy.
  • We furnish detailed advice tailored to meet diverse dietary requirements, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-carb diets, empowering our clients to formulate meals that effectively support their health and wellness goals.

By adhering to these principles, Nao Medical reaffirms its dedication to equipping clients with the knowledge and resources necessary for making informed dietary decisions. Through our commitment to debunking myths and providing evidence-based advice, we aim to be a beacon of reliable information in the nutritional landscape, assisting our clients in navigating their health journeys with confidence and clarity.

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Nao Nutritionists Help With Weight management 

Nao Medical’s nutritional counseling practice focuses on personalized weight management strategies that extend beyond conventional calorie-counting. Recognizing the unique requirements of each individual, our certified nutritionists meticulously craft customized plans tailored to your specific goals, activity levels, and body composition. Whether the aim is weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance, our professionals are adept at providing precise and thoughtful dietary guidance.


At Nao Medical, the emphasis is on developing a diet plan that is not only conducive to achieving weight management goals but also sustainable and congruent with each client’s lifestyle and health aspirations. Our team is dedicated to collaboratively working with clients to realize their health and wellness objectives through bespoke dietary strategies, ensuring a balanced approach to calorie management tailored to individual lifestyles and preferences.

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Nao Nutritionists Manage Your Specific Health Conditions

Addressing specific health conditions with dietary interventions is a cornerstone of our practice. Nao Medical specializes in crafting detailed nutritional plans for managing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, allergies, and digestive issues. These condition-specific plans are pivotal in effectively controlling and mitigating the effects of such health concerns through dietary adjustments.


Our targeted approach includes:

  • Detailed diabetes management meal plans that focus on the glycemic index and load, vital for maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Dietary strategies for heart disease management, aiming to reduce saturated fat intake and incorporate heart-healthy fats.
  • Customized advice for managing food allergies and intolerances, ensuring safe and nutritious dietary choices while avoiding allergens.

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Nao Nutritionists Address Nutrient Deficiencies

Confronting nutrient deficiencies with a tailored approach is another area where Nao Medical excels. By employing comprehensive blood tests and symptom evaluations, our nutritionists are skilled in identifying and rectifying nutrient deficiencies, offering guidance on dietary sources and supplements to address specific needs, such as iron and vitamin D deficiencies.

Our extensive online content further explores essential nutrition topics, providing insights into constructing balanced meals, understanding macronutrients, managing portion sizes, and catering to specific dietary requirements for various lifestyles and conditions, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets.

By publishing authoritative resources on common nutrient deficiencies and providing lists of nutrient-rich food sources, Nao Medical aims to equip clients with the knowledge to address their dietary needs effectively. Our commitment to evidence-based nutritional guidance ensures that every individual receives accurate, reliable, and actionable advice to support their health and dietary objectives.

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Nao Nutritionists Cater To Your Dietary Restrictions

Nao Medical’s nutritional counseling service excels in assisting clients with dietary restrictions, offering expert guidance tailored to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free diets. Our certified nutritionists specialize in formulating personalized recipes, meal plans, and nutritional strategies that not only adhere to these dietary limitations but also ensure a balanced and fulfilling diet. 


Nao Nutritionists Accommodate Your Food Preferences

When it comes to food preferences, Nao Medical acknowledges the importance of integrating individual tastes, cultural backgrounds, and dietary sensitivities into each nutrition plan. Our approach is comprehensive, taking into consideration each client’s unique preferences and intolerances to develop dietary recommendations that are both nutritious and appealing, ensuring long-term adherence and satisfaction.

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Nao Nutritionists Support Your Specific Life Stages

Addressing the nutritional needs at different life stages is a cornerstone of our service. Nao Medical’s nutritional counseling is specifically designed to cater to the varied requirements of children, pregnant women, athletes, and older adults. We understand that standardized dietary guidelines cannot adequately address the nuanced needs of these diverse groups. Therefore, our personalized nutrition plans are invaluable in providing targeted support that promotes optimal health and wellness across all stages of life.

Our commitment at Nao Medical is to deliver exceptional dietary support tailored to the specific health challenges, nutrient deficiencies, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences of our clients. Our certified nutritionists are dedicated to crafting evidence-based, personalized nutrition plans that empower each individual to achieve their health and wellness objectives.

Nao Medical’s nutritional counseling practice is characterized by a deep commitment to offering specialized dietary advice that goes beyond generic recommendations. By focusing on the unique dietary needs and health goals of our clients, we ensure that every individual receives the customized guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of diet and nutrition effectively.

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Health Condition Management Through Dietary Intervention At Nao

At Nao Medical, our approach to Health Condition Management Through Dietary Intervention is meticulously structured to provide comprehensive support tailored to individual health challenges. Our certified nutritionists employ their expertise in nutritional science to devise strategies that not only address specific health conditions but also enhance overall well-being through diet.


Help With Cooking and Meal Planning

To facilitate the practical implementation of dietary recommendations, Nao Medical’s nutritionists extend their services to include:


Customized Recipe Development

Crafting easy, healthful recipes that are tailored to accommodate an extensive array of dietary restrictions and preferences. Our nutritionists leverage their deep understanding of nutrient-dense ingredients to create meals that are both nourishing and satisfying, ensuring clients enjoy a diverse and palatable diet.


Meal Prepping Strategies

Offering expert advice on meal preparation techniques that save time while promoting nutritional balance. Our guidance is rooted in the principles of culinary nutrition, focusing on methods that preserve the integrity of nutrients and accommodate the busy schedules of our clients.


Grocery Shopping Assistance

Providing detailed grocery shopping guides that empower clients to make informed food selections. This includes education on reading and interpreting food labels, identifying nutrient-rich foods, and selecting items that align with their specific dietary needs and health goals. Our nutritionists emphasize the importance of whole foods and minimally processed options to support digestive health and manage conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or bloating effectively.


Nao Medical’s nutritionists are committed to demystifying the process of healthy eating. By offering tailored recipes, meal prepping tips, and grocery shopping guidance, we equip our clients with the tools necessary for maintaining a diet that supports their health condition management and digestive wellness. Our goal is to simplify the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, ensuring that our clients are well-informed and confident in making dietary choices that contribute to their overall health and wellness.

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Diabetes Management at Nao Medical

At Nao Medical, our certified nutritionists specialize in diabetes management through the development of individualized meal plans aimed at achieving and maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Our approach is comprehensive, incorporating an in-depth understanding of the glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) of foods. Education on these concepts is paramount for our clients, enabling them to make informed choices that directly impact blood glucose control. Our tailored dietary recommendations are meticulously designed to align with each client’s unique lifestyle and dietary preferences, ensuring a seamless integration into daily life.

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Heart Disease Prevention and Management

For individuals facing heart disease challenges, Nao Medical offers specialized dietary strategies that extend beyond basic advice, such as avoiding fried foods. Our nutritionists focus on dietary management of fat intake, aiming to optimize cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood pressure. We emphasize the significance of incorporating whole foods, achieving balanced macronutrient distribution, and including heart-healthy fats into the diet. This holistic approach supports cardiovascular health through nutritionally rich and diverse meal planning.

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Allergies and Food Intolerances

Addressing food allergies and intolerances at Nao Medical involves more than mere avoidance; it encompasses the development of innovative and nutritious dietary solutions. Our nutritionists are adept at providing personalized guidance and adapting recipes to meet the needs of those with specific dietary restrictions, ensuring meals are safe, nutritionally complete, and enjoyable. This personalized attention helps clients navigate their dietary restrictions with confidence, maintaining a balanced and healthful diet.

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Digestive Health Management

Our approach to managing digestive health conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), involves targeted dietary modifications tailored to alleviate symptoms and manage trigger foods effectively. At Nao Medical, we understand that each condition presents unique dietary challenges. Our nutritional counseling is grounded in evidence-based practices, offering strategies that address the specific dietary needs associated with these conditions, aiming to improve digestive health and quality of life for our clients.

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Nao’s Commitment To Personalized Nutritional Care

Nao Medical’s commitment to personalized nutritional care is central to our mission of enhancing health and well-being through diet. Our certified nutritionists possess a deep understanding of how tailored dietary strategies can impact the management of health conditions positively. We prioritize delivering a service that equips each client with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate their dietary requirements effectively.

Emphasizing Personalized Planning and Evidence-Based Guidance

Our nutritional counseling services are meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals facing various dietary challenges. Whether managing chronic health conditions or navigating dietary restrictions, our nutritionists provide customized advice grounded in the latest nutritional science. This personalized approach ensures that every diet plan is not only nutritionally complete but also practical and enjoyable for the individual, thereby enhancing meal satisfaction and adherence.

Empowering Individuals Through Informed Dietary Choices

At Nao Medical, empowerment through education is a key pillar of our nutritional counseling. We believe in providing our clients with comprehensive resources and continuous support, enabling them to make informed decisions about their diet and health. Our nutritionists work closely with each client, offering guidance that encourages active participation in their health management process. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of control and confidence among our clients, as they navigate the path to improved health outcomes with the backing of our professional expertise.

Addressing the Unique Challenges of Dietary Restrictions

We understand the complexities involved in adhering to diets with specific restrictions, whether due to health conditions, personal beliefs, or lifestyle choices. Our team is skilled in crafting plans that respect these limitations while ensuring a balanced and varied diet. By considering individual preferences, cultural backgrounds, and nutritional needs, we create dietary strategies that align with our clients’ goals and circumstances, making healthy eating accessible and sustainable for everyone.

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Personalized Nutritional Counseling For Managing Dietary Restrictions

At Nao Medical, our certified nutritionists excel in delivering personalized nutritional counseling tailored to manage specific dietary restrictions. Our expert team employs nutritionist-specific terminology and strategies to ensure that every dietary plan not only meets the nutritional requirements but also aligns with the individual’s lifestyle and preferences.


Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

Adopting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle necessitates a strategic approach to nutrition to compensate for the absence of animal products. Our nutritionists focus on ensuring an adequate intake of essential nutrients often found in meat, such as protein, iron, and vitamin B12. We leverage our expertise to curate personalized meal plans that include a spectrum of plant-based proteins—from legumes, nuts, and seeds to tofu and tempeh—and fortified foods, ensuring a diversified and nutrient-dense diet. Our goal is to make vegan and vegetarian diets both nutritionally sound and gastronomically pleasing, catering to individual health objectives and dietary preferences.

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Gluten-Free Diets

For clients with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or those choosing a gluten-free lifestyle, navigating the diet can present challenges, particularly in avoiding hidden gluten and finding satisfactory substitutes. Our nutritional counseling provides comprehensive guidance on selecting gluten-free grains, understanding labeling laws, and utilizing gluten-free baking techniques to recreate favorite foods safely. We emphasize the importance of a well-rounded diet that compensates for the potential nutrient shortfalls of a gluten-free diet, ensuring clients enjoy a balanced and fulfilling eating experience.

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Dairy-Free Diets

Transitioning to a dairy-free diet, whether due to lactose intolerance, a milk allergy, or personal choice, requires careful planning to maintain adequate calcium and vitamin D levels. Our nutritionists are adept at identifying suitable dairy alternatives that provide comparable nutritional value, such as fortified plant milks, leafy greens, and calcium-set tofu. We also advise on vitamin D supplementation when necessary to support bone health. Our personalized recommendations aim to seamlessly integrate dairy-free options into the client’s diet, ensuring they can achieve a nutritionally robust and enjoyable dairy-free eating plan.

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Commitment to Supporting Diverse Dietary Needs

At Nao Medical, our certified nutritionists are dedicated to providing comprehensive nutritional counseling services that cater to a wide spectrum of dietary needs and health conditions. This commitment is rooted in our belief that nutrition is a foundational component of health and wellness. By offering personalized, evidence-based dietary guidance, we aim to empower each client to effectively manage their health conditions, dietary restrictions, and personal wellness goals.


Our nutritional counseling practice is tailored to address the diverse dietary preferences and restrictions of our clients, from managing chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease to navigating dietary choices such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free diets. Our approach is centered on creating customized dietary plans that are not only nutritionally adequate but also aligned with each individual’s lifestyle and taste preferences.


Understanding the complexities associated with dietary restrictions, Nao Medical emphasizes the importance of personalized nutritional care. Our nutritionists employ their expertise to develop meal plans and dietary strategies that respect individual preferences while ensuring balanced and enjoyable nutrition. This level of personalized care is instrumental in helping our clients achieve their health and wellness objectives with confidence.


Nao Medical’s commitment to enhancing health outcomes extends to providing our clients with the resources and support necessary to navigate their dietary journeys successfully. By fostering a collaborative relationship between our nutritionists and clients, we ensure that every dietary plan is both effective and sustainable, making healthy eating an attainable and enjoyable part of daily life.


In summary, Nao Medical’s personalized nutritional counseling services are designed to support individuals in managing their dietary needs with confidence. Our certified nutritionists are committed to delivering specialized, evidence-based guidance that enhances overall health and wellness, underscoring our dedication to improving lives through nutrition.