Close-up on colorectal cancer


How serious is it

Colorectal cancer, a.k.a. colon cancer or rectal cancer, is the third most commonly diagnosed in the U.S., apart from skin cancers. It is also the second highest cause of cancer-related death for men and women combined.


More than half the cases are preventable!

55% of colorectal diagnoses in the U.S. were attributed to lifestyle choices such as diets low in fruits, vegetables, and fiber and high in fats or processed meats, tobacco and alcohol use, low physical activity, and obesity.


Survival rates

If the cancer is detected at a localized stage, or stage 0-1, the survival rate is 90-91%. The five-year survival rate at stages 2-3 is 72-73%. At stage 4 this drops dramatically to 14-17%.


Preventative action you can take nao!

The two most effective ways of preventing colorectal cancer are getting screened routinely starting at 45, and overall having a healthy lifestyle. We can help you take care of both!