5 First aid tips for a suspected fracture

Even the most careful, active people can find themselves with an unexpected fracture. Whether you are playing a sport or rock climbing, it’s important to act fast if you suspect you or someone near you has an injury that you suspect might be a fracture. 

Fractures can cause intense pain and swelling. Timely first aid steps will not only give them relief before seeking help from urgent care, but also help avoid complicating their condition any further.

First aid tips for fractures

  • Don’t move the person. If the individual looks like they have sustained a major injury, do not move them at all. Or, you would be risking displacing the bone even more than it already is.
  • Immobilize the fractured limb. As you wait to transport the person to an urgent care center, do what you can to keep the injured body part in place. If you or someone nearby is trained in first aid, apply a splint to the arm or leg. This will keep the limb from moving.
  • Apply ice. You can prevent swelling by applying ice directly to the injured area. Therefore, wrap an ice pack or bag of ice in a towel and hold it gently to the skin.
  • Look for other injuries. As you stabilize the patient, scan their body for other injuries. Apply pressure to any bleeding and pay attention to any bruising – these could indicate other injuries. Therefore, if bruising or bleeding are present, go to urgent care.
  • Elevate the legs. If you can, lay the person down with their head slightly lower than the rest of their body and raise their legs.

Call 911 if the person:

  • Is bleeding uncontrollably
  • Has a numb, cold, pale, or blue ankle/foot
  • Is unable to move the foot
  • Is in shock (faint, pale, with rapid or shallow breathing)

These things could indicate an emergency. So, don’t wait to get help.
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